Wife Mikhalkov sacrificed for the sake of relations with him

Жена Михалкова пошла на жертвы ради отношений с ним The wife of filmmaker refused a tempting offer. Tatiana shared memories about the beginning of the novel with Nikita Mikhalkov. Being a successful model, she gets a lot of chance for a relationship with her future husband.
Жена Михалкова пошла на жертвы ради отношений с ним

The Studio program “the Stars aligned” was found the most successful fashion models of the Soviet Union. Best employee of the Fashion house on Kuznetsky most, the all-Union House of models, Gum shared memories of the young, told how their careers have gone after the podium.

Tatyana Mikhalkov has also become one of the heroines of the program. Nee Soloviev, she came to the House models at the Kuznetsk Bridge on the eve of its 20th anniversary. She was already very successful when married to Nikita Mikhalkov. Even after the wedding, she left a job as a model took to the catwalk to the seventh month of pregnancy. Tatiana could be a top model and to make a career in the West, but she had to make a difficult choice. She was expecting her second child, when it was incorporated in the fashion of the delegation from the Soviet Union model and the artists had to go overseas for three months. Mikhalkov refused to travel and from work, because he decided to give birth.

“I had a choice… all-Union House of models going to America for three months, and I said – “you are there “nikitoc” on every corner you will find”. I decided that no, do not go, decided that I was going to give birth. I remember many then get rid of the children…” – said Tatiana Mikhalkova.
Жена Михалкова пошла на жертвы ради отношений с ним

As soon as Tatiana, nee Soloviev, appeared on the threshold of the House models it immediately drew the attention of Vyacheslav Zaitsev. After which time she became one of his favorite, her face graced the fashion magazines, every day she showed samples of his collection and was very successful. Maybe she’d become a top model if not for the meeting with a young Nikita Mikhalkov. The son of a famous Soviet writer fell in love with the beauty and began to take her to restaurants. The leadership of the all-Union House of models such courtship did not like.

“I was summoned by the Director Aglonsky (Victor Aglonsky – Director of the House models at the Kuznetsk bridge – approx.ed) and said, “don’t you dare this World to appear in public!”. Because we, the models had to be crystal clear biography”, – said Tatiana.

But Tatiana and Nikita still continued to go to restaurants, then she waited for him from the army, then they got married. Mikhalkov worked as a model and showed samples of high Soviet fashion, he could. She later became the mother of three children, she now has six grandchildren. But with fashion Tatiana Evgeniev never parted for more than 20 years she heads the charity Fund “Russian silhouette”, which holds a competition for young designers, support designers.