Wife Matthew McConaughey admitted, than did for a living before meeting with the actor

Жена Мэттью Макконахи призналась, чем зарабатывала на жизнь до встречи с актером
Camille worked as a cleaner and did not know a word of English.

Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves


47-year-old Matthew McConaughey is happily married to Brazilian Camilla Alves. 35-year-old wife of the famous actor admitted that he earned in Hollywood, for a life of cleaning other people’s houses. She arrived 15-year-old to America from his native Brazil to be a model, but for a long time was forced to work as a cleaner. This class was chosen bride-to-be McConaughey because her childhood parents are accustomed to the order and taught “to deal with home dirt and mess”. The father in his farewell speech told his daughter that she should not “marry a man only for his money and status.” Otherwise, he will be considered the daughter a “prostitute of the highest class”.

Fortunately for himself and his father Camille in 2006 met actor McConaughey, who was then one of the sex symbols of Hollywood. Of course, he still wasn’t fabulously rich (now on account of Matthew $ 95 million) and did not belong to the Hollywood acting elite, as happened in recent years after prominent roles in Arthouse paintings and “Oscar”. Married Camilla and Matthew only 6 years later after meeting. Camille managed to double to make the actor a father, giving birth to a son Levi, he’s nine, and daughter mind, she’s seven, before McConaughey found it necessary to take the girlfriend to the altar. Modest wedding ceremony was held in the Catholic rite, the bride was in her last month of pregnancy. And soon gave birth to a third child, son Livingston.

The marriage of the actor is considered one of the strongest in Hollywood. but the 35-year-old Camille admitted that they regularly “work on your relationship”. For example, a few times a month will certainly get out of the house together with her husband. Come to the hotel, albeit it is a 15-minute drive from their home in Austin, Texas,spend the night there, then eat Breakfast together, walk and talk a lot. And just after lunch we return to their children and responsibilities. Of course, Camille is a great host and really knows how to contain them with Matthew ranch in clean and tidy.