Wife Marat Basharova revealed the truth about domestic violence

Жена Марата Башарова раскрыла правду о насилии в семье According to some reports, the actor allegedly raised a hand to his wife. About it journalists were told by an anonymous source from the environment Marat Basharova. The actor and his fiancee are outraged by such speculation and refute them.
Жена Марата Башарова раскрыла правду о насилии в семье

Recently in mass media there was information that Marat Basharov allegedly raised his hand to his third wife Elizabeth Shevarkov. It was alleged that the actor had a few drinks and it came to blows. About it has informed journalists a source close to the family. The insider said, though Elizabeth did not write a statement to the police, and complained to his brother Fyodor. He did not think long and decided to deal with the actor to a man.

As a result, as told by a friend of Theodore Shevarkov, Marat Basharov appeared in front of colleagues with bruises. The staff of the theater, where the actor immediately asked him what happened. However, the actor chose to laugh it off and said with a smile, as if got into a fight with his wife.

Later it turned out that information about the beating is not true. As stated “StarHit” Elizabeth Shevarkov, the husband did not raise a hand on her, and the rumors of domestic violence have been distributed by well-wishers. According to the chosen celebrity, the husband was not going to hurt her. A woman is outraged that in a Network there was inaccurate information.

“That’s not true! It was just a joke, kotoroyj fanned, and spread rumors,” – said the “StarHit” Elizabeth Shevarkov.
Жена Марата Башарова раскрыла правду о насилии в семье

Wedding lovers took place on the ninth of September. First, Marat and Elizabeth got married in one of capital registry offices, and then went to celebrate in the restaurant. Among the guests of the ceremony were long-time friends of the famous actor – Catherine and Alexander Strizhenov.

Жена Марата Башарова раскрыла правду о насилии в семье“We have been a family, raising a child, so marriage is the logical continuation of the relationship, the Proposal of Marat was beautiful, like everything that he does. We were in Prague, he got down on one knee, gave me a ring, fell in love. Of course I said “Yes,” said “StarHit” Elizabeth Shevarkov.

Recall that the divorce of the artist with Catherine Ancharovoj became one of the most controversial in Russian show business. Lovers formalized the relationship in June 2014, and then appeared rumors, that Marat beat her.

With the first wife Elizabeth Crocco actor has maintained a good relationship. Ex-girlfriend Marat Basharova occupies the post of its Director. Despite the divorce, the woman continued the work with the artist.

At the end of June Elizabeth gave birth to her third child, as reported in one of the social networks. The girl’s weight at birth was 3020 grams and 51cm high. Elizabeth also showed fans the first photo of the newborn baby. In the picture it was impossible to see the girl’s face, who posed with his back to the camera.

Ex-wife Marat Basharova again became a mother

For the first time about pregnancy Crocko became known in December last year. Then Elizabeth appeared at an event in black dress, not to hide the changes in her figure. The woman was released along with Marat Basharov and friend.