Жена заставляет Валерия Леонтьева уйти со сцены Ludmila worries about spouse because he has not so much force. Rumor has it that the concert in St. Petersburg was the last great show Valery Leontiev. However, while the artist does not negate the benefit of the jubilee, which is scheduled in Moscow.
Жена заставляет Валерия Леонтьева уйти со сцены

Singer, many years ago, left for permanent residence in Miami, is a rare guest in Russia, he makes an exception only for important occasions. As, for example, the 69th birthday that Valery last week celebrated a great solo album in St. Petersburg.

As we found out, this concert was one of the last.

“Lucy, the wife is very sad, for several months, asks him a question: “When you leave the scene tour?” – said “StarHit” friends of the couple. – Because flights, performances take a lot of effort.

In addition, Leont’ev always carefully considering a dance program, not like when everything is made “on the knee”. But Valera is already old, and the wife is worried about his health. Lyudmila is well aware that her husband’s love-but it’s time to think about yourself! He agreed with her, although he will be difficult to make this decision: after all, his whole life was devoted to music…”

Now, the singer talks about holding the anniversary benefit to be held in Moscow next year.

“For the sake of his organization Leont’ev stayed in the capital – continue close artist. – The producers are already actively interested in what platform will perform. Of course, Valera wants to make a great show. After all, most likely, it will be the final in my career.”

Leontiev admitted earlier that really tired from touring. He explained why he continues to perform in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.

“More of a sense of duty to themselves and the public. Knowing that the posters in the cities, I can’t cancel everything. Stay in shape with the help of such important traits for an artist as self-esteem and self-confidence. These qualities are forced to go on stage at any weather and mood”, – said the pop star.