Wife Kerzhakov told about their joint business

Жена Кержакова рассказала об их совместном бизнесе

The player’s wife recently arrived in the Northern capital of Switzerland, where Alexander now played in the team “zürich” to celebrate the anniversary of their General charity Fund “Stars for children”.

22 may at 18:00 at the state residence K-2 (Stone island, the Malaya Nevka embankment, 6) will be the next charity auction of Fund of Alexander Kerzhakov “Stars for children”, timed to the first anniversary of its creation. About what happened this year and how the Fund became a family affair, Woman’s Day told the wife of the football player of Milan with a header.

“When Sasha and I met, he very much collaborated with the Foundation for Bone Habensky, transferred significant sums to the treatment of children with various diseases of the brain. And he often repeated: “I was born in Kingisepp and know what problems children have, what they lack”. And often lamented that there is no Fund to which he would have to transfer the money, and they would, in turn, helped the orphanage in Kingisepp. To which I once said: “Let’s you and I go and look at this children’s home, as everything looks”.

We arrived in Kingisepp and found that none of the funds to the city is not bound. And, of course, there is no material support from social organizations. On the way back Sasha suggested, “why don’t we make your Foundation? And let my Foundation helps my city where I was born.” To which I asked him a reasonable question: “And who will do it?” And then Sasha said: “who? You!” “All well and good, – tried to argue, only I have a degree in journalism. What skills from your education, you may be able to apply in this area, but some big I have no experience”. On what Sasha said, “And I have even more. To the rescue came Sasha’s close friend Ivan Nikiforov, today he is our third co-founder, and before that they with Sasha on their own organized various activities for children. Upon hearing our idea, Ivan readily agreed. And that’s the way we slowly began to create our Foundation.

Of course, not without a huge amount of bureaucratic difficulties in the registration. When all was ready, the Fund is established, six months later I found out this interesting thing that, it turns out, you can just buy a Fund and to rename it. We would have saved both time and strength. Would not have to go hundred times to the Ministry of justice, claiming its Charter. And we like to work with Sasha walked – every day. Nobody knew what was different. So we walked the most difficult road. To date, the powers of our Foundation are distributed in the Leningrad region and St.-Petersburg”.

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Tell us what your Fund is different from the rest.

Жена Кержакова рассказала об их совместном бизнесе

Can’t say that it is something enormously different. We deal with children from poor and disadvantaged families and children left without parental care. Over the past year we have held two auctions and has helped guys 568. It’s financial, domestic, psychological, legal, educational help. Most of the funds focused on global issues, diseases, operations, we also want to cover ordinary household needs. For example, we recently collected money for splints (mounting foot, locking the joints. — Approx. Woman’s Day) for girls, which are called “crystal”. Then we bought the sets leukocytapheresis – these are the struts that attach on the spinal cord, so the kiddies didn’t hurt to get the injections into the spinal cord. They are much fit this task. In the nearest plans we have to try to work with the regions. I’m not one of those people who are grasping at everything at once, to eventually not be able to help anyone. Let we will work with three families, but will know that they helped than to shout loudly about themselves in the vastness of our vast country, but in fact do nothing.

What do you personally do with Alexander?

Жена Кержакова рассказала об их совместном бизнесе

Alexander plays football in Switzerland. Here is his main task. And my is the control of the entire process and, of course, the selection of employees. Once again convinced, what is important is not the quantity but the quality, because this year we had to deal with a large number of positive aspects and many challenges, which, unfortunately, we were disappointed. Recently came to St. Petersburg only in order to find a new Director. And finally found a suitable candidate. You know, if you have a good team, any business will go like a locomotive. And most importantly, makes me want to meet these professionals. I am well aware that because of their age look at their background somewhat insecure. But I tried very hard this entire year, absorbing like a sponge all the information, not to look like a parade float, which simply put, he does not understand…

It is time consuming and you have a job with the Foundation?

It is now 50/50, because you have formed the right team, well-functioning system. And before that, for example, I reread all the cards of the lots before the auction, checked their grammatical component, if seen that somewhere there is a comma, then sent to reprint – to the extent sensitive to all concerned. Now I know that there are people who do better than me, there are copywriters. And I can delegate their duties and relax a bit. Because I have family in Switzerland, and I can’t always be at the office in Saint-Petersburg. And more recently, to our business joined my mother, who with great joy and enthusiasm set to work. And my mother is such a woman – as he said, so be it, so I’m not worried: while I was in Switzerland, the Foundation is in good hands.

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