Wife Kerzhakov rethink relations with him after a family tragedy

Жена Кержакова переосмыслила отношения с ним после семейной трагедии The choice of the player thanked the spouse for his sensitivity and invaluable assistance. According to Kerzhakovu Milana, her husband took on many responsibilities. The heir to a political figure close grateful person for all that he does.

      Milan Kerzhakov recently became a mother for the first time. The young woman gave to her husband, footballer Alexander Kerzhakov, charming son, who was named Artemy. Happy, the baby’s father took his beloved wife from the hospital.

      Alexander Kerzhakov took his wife and son from the hospital. PHOTO

      Joyful event in the life of the star couple happened a few days after Milan lost a beloved father. April 4, in St. Petersburg died the Senator Vadim Tulpanov. The funeral of a political figure took place on 7 April.

      Alexander Kerzhakov supported his chosen one and her mother Natalia in this extremely difficult life period. According to Milana, her husband framed a strong man’s shoulder that they now need. About this young woman reported in social networks. Kerzhakov also thanked a loved one for sensitivity and the ability to help in a difficult situation.

      “I just want to say that for all of us today, there is no greater support than my husband, who took all the cares and the Affairs of the family, which still manages to train and play football and do all that I ask for the work of our Foundation to understand my gushing hormones and emotions, to find the right words and support my mom — although it is (as I thought before) in fact also is not his problem… I Want to say to her husband, he is an incredible support for all of us that he’s the father of my child and the man I love with all my heart, because now it replaces all such doubly necessary man’s shoulder. So”, — said Milan.

      The young woman frankly admitted that at the beginning of married life, she was not easy to cope with the difficulties that then faced her husband. “I am very-very often (to put it mildly) and heard the opinions of friends, read the comments (which touched me to the quick), when I got some regular “yellow” publish or when Sasha had to deal with their lawsuits — it was hard for me,” said Milan.

      However, with time, she realized the depth of his delusion. In recognition of Milana, she now reproaches himself for such words. “I think, perhaps, it is a difficult time in my husband’s life was a test for myself — if I am worthy and my family such support, as it is when we have themselves a misfortune happens,” said the young woman.