Жена Кержакова устроила вечер юмора за 12 миллионов рублей

In St. Petersburg, closed for mere mortals the state residence “K-2” held a charity auction, organized by the Foundation of Alexander and Milana Kiriakovich “Stars for children”.

The trades were easy and fun, although Kerzhakov himself at a government dacha and did not appear – he had a match in Switzerland. So supervised by his wife Milan. And it is their task perfectly: in the evening managed to raise a record amount – more than 12 million rubles.

Leading the auction were Dmitry Khrustalev and Igor Vernik, who not only collected money, and struggling entertained the audience. For two, they were able to “shake out” of the audience a little more than 12 million roubles! And wernick this ascribes most of the credit. At some point he even quipped to the address of the partner Khrustaleva: “Dmitry, you are disturbing us!”

And there is no arguing: Wernicke is indeed a rich experience of conducting charity auctions – some even called him a “bloodsucker” for extraordinary ability to pull large sums to good causes. However, Milana’s guests were already ready to part with their money to help the needy.

In addition to the eminent presenters, the auction was attended by players of “Zenit” Yuri Lodygin, Oleg Shatov and Kerzhakov Michael, the younger brother of Alexander, now the goalkeeper of the Petersburg football club.

Also among the guests were designer Alina Herman, contestant on “the Bachelor” Daria Herman, designer Igor Gulyaev and famous Director and producer Boris Grachevsky, which put up for sale your personal lot – a tour of shooting the legendary “jumble”.

Recall that a charity auction under the auspices of the “Stars for children” took place in St. Petersburg for the third time. And for the second time a major participant in the auction was the elegant brunette in named Natalia, who came to the auction with my daughter and son. She famously parted with millions of rubles, buying paintings, collectable wine, and other art objects.

At one point Natalie was a little distracted by talking on the phone, wernick immediately said: “No you can’t do it!”. Put the phone away from your ear, the philanthropist smiled: “the kids and I talked.” A few minutes later in a bitter struggle she had acquired the porcelain manufactory PlancPaon hand painted in art Deco style on the sketches by Leon Bakst for 2 million rubles, what Khrustalev joked: “the Kids of today the Railways just do not get it!”.

The most expensive lot, which brought the Fund of 2.5 million rubles, were paired paintings by artist Sergei Liakhovich “Peter I” and “Hermitage”. Over half a million were sold earrings “La Sylphide” from the jeweler Peter Aksenov. Over a million left lot the Creator of the “jumble” Boris Grachevsky.

A little more “pulled” a master class with Olympic champion in figure skating Adelina Sotnikova he gave 1 million 100 thousand rubles. By the way, this lot looked very juicy, but recently the press attributed to Alexander Kerzhakov novel with this world-famous figure skater.

In his closing remarks Milan Kerzhakov once again emphasized that all data collected at the auction money will go to the trust Fund “Stars for children”. Note that less than a year of work the Foundation Kiriakovich took care of 156 children from low-income families of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Read more about the work of the Fund, its problems and achievements, read the exclusive interview that Milan Kerzhakov gave to Woman’s Day shortly before the start of trading.

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