Жена Караченцова назвала глупостью обвинения Довлатовой

For 11 years Lyudmila Porgina struggling with the aftermath of her husband Nicholas Karachentseva. The famous actor got in an accident in February 2005. This incident has divided their lives into “before” and “after”.

All this time Lyudmila does not depart from her husband, trying to restore his health, to make his life more fulfilling and emotionally filled. However, not everyone in Parginos see the prop and support, the way it is for my husband.

So, TV and radio presenter Alla Dovlatov on his page on Instagram commented on the incident many years ago of the accident and said that Porgina guilty of what happened to people’s favorite.

According to Dovlatova, Parginos didn’t need to demand the visit of Nicholas to the hospital where her mother died, because he was heavily drunk and was not supposed to drive in this condition.

“…Remember Stas Sadalsky told me how it all happened! Horrible! Karachentsov came home ( I think after the performance ), were strongly drunk, was going to go to bed and suddenly, my wife called me ( she had a grief — mother died ) and she demands that Nikolai came to her cottage. She knew he was drunk, sit behind the wheel and would not let this, but on the contrary! […]Karachentsov, of course, lucky with the people’s love, but not everyone is lucky with their wives! Dear women! I think it is in our power, women and wives should be more cordial, wise and humane!”, — wrote in the post Alla, accompanied by a publication with the hashtag #genbrug.

Reporters were quick to take the review of such statements at Parginos. The woman said that it was “complete nonsense”.

“She’s crazy or sick,” said the actress REN TV.

Wife Karachentsova has confirmed that the day of the accident her mother died. And she really was then in the hospital, but did not call her husband. Moreover, Polina claims that Karachentsov was not drunk, because I don’t drink alcohol.

At the end of the review Porgina said that Sadalsky, which refers to Dovlatov, questionable informant, because a friend of the family Karachentseva he’s never been and all details of the incident to know just cannot.