Супругу Жасмин запрещено покидать собственное жилье Businessman Ilan Shor, is under house arrest. Thing wife Jasmine, accused of fraud, was transferred to the court. The petition of lawyers of the men, who insisted on his release, dismissed.

      Супругу Жасмин запрещено покидать собственное жилье

      Looks like trouble in the life of Jasmine is not over. Only the singer is happy that her husband Ilan Shor, who was accused of fraud, went to be with family as her reason for the disorder. Today it became known that this is not a complete release of the businessman. The petition of lawyers of men rejected and he remains under house arrest. About it journalists were reported by the judge Silvia Vrabie.

      Meanwhile, the Ilan considers himself innocent. “That’s what happens when you cooperate with the investigation but someone does not like it and prefer political games,” he told the press after the meeting. The lawyers of Shor intend once again to request his release in the course starting in September the court.

      At the moment the family is at the home of the businessman in Moldova. Ilan cooperating with the investigation of the theft of large sums of money. Jasmine with children support him and believe in justice.

      “I am boundlessly happy that my husband is the father of my children Ilan Shor, finally, near the family. We were looking forward to this day together will be there till the final proof of his innocence. I was surprised and aroused the disgust of the article against Ilana, who publish some of the alleged journalists, once receiving the benefit, assistance and gifts from my husband. They and the media they represent, demonstrate endless hypocrisy, arranging these performances. They are doing nothing but trying to hide the facts that sooner or later will be made public. Attacking Ilana, they will not be able to hide the truth!” – said the singer.

      We will remind, last year the government of Moldova international detective Agency Kroll conducted an investigation of theft in the amount of about $ 500 million. The report provided the name of Shor, reports TASS. Spouse now Jasmine is forced to confront charges.

      Meanwhile, friends of the couple are actively trying to support the family. So Jasmine was not discouraged, the stars staged a flash mob. One of the first published in Instagram photo with the hashtag “#freeShor” close friend Jasmine Olga Orlova. “Ilan, you’re strong, I know! You have to fight injustice. You supported us, your friends!”, — wrote ex-member of “Brilliant” in his microblog.

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