Жена Хью Хефнера избавилась от силиконовой груди

Your all natural. Crystal Hefner, wife of the founder of “Playboy” Hugh Hefnershowed the world a new self – a woman was removed from the breast silicone implants, which, she said, slowly poisoned her body.

Жена Хью Хефнера избавилась от силиконовой груди
On his page on Instagram the model and singer posted a photo on which she is shown in a bikini. It must be noted that the crystal significantly decreased the chest.

“The new me. Happy and healthy. 2016 has become a landmark in terms of health and self-love. Thank you all for the support,” she wrote under the photo.
30-year-old krystal in March of this year was diagnosed with Lyme disease. The woman experienced severe headaches and constant fatigue. Experts do not exclude that toxic implants could also cause the symptoms characteristic of Lyme disease. After the examination, Mrs. Hefner decided to remove artificial Breasts and after surgery felt much better. She joined the virtual community of women suffering from the same symptoms and it turned out that all the symptoms match. In the community there were thousands of women whose cosmetic surgery almost cost them their lives.
“The immune system is constantly attacking them, and you may not even suspect that it’s them and not some other disease,” said crystal.
“Breast implants do not wear your whole life. The longer you use them, the higher the likelihood of complications. If you don’t feel well and experts confirm the connection between your disease and implants, it is necessary to get rid of them” — reported in the National Institute of health, USA.
Kristal wore their implants for eight years.


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