Жена госпитализированного Владимира Этуша обвинила клинику в халатности The wife is infuriated by the fact that no one was around at the critical moment. Wife of Vladimir Etush told in detail about the cause of his injury. She is disappointed that long time looking for Parking and left her husband unattended.
Жена госпитализированного Владимира Этуша обвинила клинику в халатности

26 June famous actor Vladimir Etush was urgently hospitalized. As reported, the 95-year-old actor stumbled in the dental clinic. An elderly man was taken away by ambulance with a suspected fracture of the spine in the cervical region. The doctors ran tests and found no serious injuries, but a strong injury. However, while the man is in a medical facility.

Wife of Vladimir Abramovich Elena shared with followers on the social network story that was the reason for his hospitalization. According to the woman, they came to the dental clinic for a doctor’s appointment. While the wife of the famous actor was looking for a Parking spot, the man decided to enter the hospital and stumbled.

“Do you know why Vladimir Abramovich is now in intensive care? But because he was alone, without the help and supervision at the entrance to the clinic. Do you know why he was left at the entrance to the clinic alone, without assistance and supervision? But because I had no place to Park at the entrance of the clinic. The wide sidewalks a lot, and to Park only a mile away. That’s what I did as a law-abiding. But this time…” said Elena.
Жена госпитализированного Владимира Этуша обвинила клинику в халатности

Netizens were quick to support the wife of Vladimir Etush and wished the actor a speedy recovery. They hope that soon the health of the artist is normal – he will be able to return to normal life and continue to play in the theater.

“Everything will be fine – the main thing to believe it. Health Mr Abramovich and patience to you, Helen”, “Helen! I sympathize very much. Speedy recovery to the loved Vladimir Abramovich! You strength and patience. We love you both, I hope for the best!” “Elena, join all warm words and wishes a speedy recovery to Mr Abramovich,” wrote admirers Etush and friends of his wife.

Жена госпитализированного Владимира Этуша обвинила клинику в халатности

Now Elena is ready to break the rules in order to be near their husbands. She was shocked that no one around medical institutions did not help an elderly man who had lost his balance.

“And next time I’ll bring Vladimir Abramovich in any medical facility, and Park I would be nowhere, I’ll Park on the wide sidewalk, on the lawn, a bald but at the entrance. And not gonna go look for Parking per kilometer”, – concluded the artist’s wife.