Wife Garik Martirosyan humiliated plastic surgeon

Жену Гарика Мартиросяна унизил пластический хирург Janna Levin decided to support my friend, far-fetched to enlarge Breasts. The choice of the resident Comedy Club went with her to a medical professional. However, he criticized the appearance Levina, than brought her out of herself.

      Жену Гарика Мартиросяна унизил пластический хирург

      Once the wife of resident Comedy Club Garik Martirosyan Janna Levin was joined by friend Mary, who decided to pay a visit to a plastic surgeon. The fact that a familiar favorite showman decided to do plastic surgery. The woman was unhappy with the existing size of the Breasts. In such a radical change in appearance pushed her a divorce. Friend Levina was also a blonde, what a darling Martirosyan said in his microblog.

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      Jeanne and her friend went to a medical specialist, but this trip was for Levina real stress.

      “The surgeon was a beautiful strong man, so I want to trust and afraid to refuse. Masha did not have time to voice his dream, as the doctor grabbed my face and large experienced hands, and, turning it in different directions, said, “Let me guess. My dream is to make the nose, remove the hump?” “No,” I said anxiously. “So, let me think. I understood it all. Want to increase lips and cheekbones? I on your place would put yarn, this excellent firms face after thirty-five. And Slivovice not hurt, then you will have a great complexion”. “I don’t want to do anything with his face or I wanted nothing to do with his face,” I said, stuttering from the shock. “Okay, you want to start with the chest!” While my self-esteem was lying on the floor, and I tried to pick it up, Mary tried to hide behind a display of Breasts,” shared Jeanne Levin in one of his social networks.

      The wife of Garik Martirosyan ironically remarked that to feel like a Muse plastic surgeon not so much as to be a source of inspiration for poet, painter or musician. One of Jeanne’s friends could hardly contain their emotions. “Mary had a maroon face, leaning to the right ear, the mouth and inflated like a parachute, the nostrils. Last time I saw her face when I’m in a long evening dress, slipped, fell into the anniversary cake. It was then that Masha has learned to laugh at myself, afraid of me!” he told Levin.

      Joan also admitted that the words of a medical professional hurt her. The young woman was angry at the ill-mannered surgeon who began to give advice without her consent. The choice of the showman did not ask the doctor to analyze her appearance. Angry Levin left the clinic.

      “Suddenly received after the consultation I felt like a kettle that boils. So leaving the office and heard in his address “To fast”, I whistled” – these words Jeanne had finished his story.