Wife Dzhigan criticized for their love of plastic

На жену Джигана обрушились с критикой за любовь к пластике
Detractors often bombarded with criticism on the wife of rapper Djigan, Oksana Samoilov.

На жену Джигана обрушились с критикой за любовь к пластике

Mother of many children is renowned for its love of plastic surgery, and recently, the woman admitted that she wants to do fat grafting, augmentation of the buttocks. This message caused a negative reaction from some subscribers, and Oksana hurried to answer them.

“Yes, the Breasts also made me a billion times better than all the stretched and sagging after childbirth. Every normal girl/woman wants to become better, prettier, sexier and it’s a perfectly healthy normal desire. The way to achieve a comfortable state – it’s up to us.

There are problems that are not correct workouts, though unconscious train every day… and I’m sure 90% of girls if you have money with pleasure would surgically one or the other “parody” their fault!” — said Samoilov.

It has been well said that those who resort to plastic surgery once, become virtually addicted to them, apparently, Oksana refers to that number of women.

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