Wife Danny DeVito decided to put an end to the marriage with the actor

Жена Дэнни Де Вито решила поставить точку в браке с актером
The actor seems to have lost the trust of his faithful wife.

Danny DeVito with his wife


Fans of the famous comedian Danny DeVito
saddened by the unexpected news: it became known that his wife made the decision
to divorce him. This was reported by the website Radar.online.

Danny and his wife Rea
Perlman is one of the Champions of longevity among married couples in
Hollywood: they have been married for 34 years. And they met and fell in love with each other
even earlier — in 1971. Over the years of their marriage they had
to raise three children for a long time and have themselves become parents. Their eldest
daughter Lucie for 33 years, grace – 31, and son Daniel is 29 years old. For a long time
Danny and Rhea was quite happy, but four years ago in their
married life has happened a serious crisis and they almost got divorced.
Then Danny fell in love with his much younger partner on the play
Sushine Boys, which was the scene of one of the London theatres.

Then Rea, which reported on
the behavior of her husband, decided that this is too much and walked away from him. Danny, who
despite his heroic appearance and tiny stature (1 meter 47
centimeters) has always enjoyed success with the ladies. But until the ill-fated
history, its never been caught “red-handed”. Danny worth while
incredible effort to persuade his wife to return to him. She forgave him only
half a year later.

And in this year he again
allowed myself an affair — this time with a blonde Sandra Siling,
Director of Evolution International Film Festival. And when their joint photo is not the work environment appeared in
press, Rea decided that to take any more tricks is no longer young
wife is not going. Although her intentions became known only now
the couple, according to, for some time living apart. They have even managed
to sell your family home in Beverly hills for $ 28 million. And if not
miracle happens again and Danny will not be able to beg forgiveness from his wife,
the near future should wait for the official announcement of the divorce.