Жена Аршавина избежит уголовного наказания However, the model Olga Semenova may make re – application directly to the court. The Prosecutor General’s office of the Republic of Kazakhstan conducted an inspection and found no objective evidence of threats.
Жена Аршавина избежит уголовного наказания

In the early years Alice Arshavin was unhappy with the resulting video on the Internet, where her husband prinimaet Kazakhstan model Olga Semenova. Between the girls had a quarrel. In communications footballer’s wife threatened her rival, posing as an employee of the FSB. Olga decided to make it public in late January wrote a letter to the General Prosecutor’s office of Kazakhstan. This fact was registered as a “Threat.” However, after almost a month Semenova announced the first results. Wife Arshavin opened a criminal case under three articles of the

“Held in a criminal case pre-trial investigation into the fact of threats of murder or infliction of grievous bodily harm, and other serious violence against the person, has not found his objective evidence, therefore, the criminal prosecution body 21.02.2018 year, a criminal case is filed as item 2 of part 1 of article 35 of the criminal procedure code of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, – stated in the message of Department of internal Affairs of Almaty.
Жена Аршавина избежит уголовного наказания

However, Olga explained that she could do in this situation. If desired, the model has the right to apply directly to the court.

“In terms of arguments concerning the insults, humiliation of honor and dignity, through the use of social networks, Semenova O. explained that by virtue of the provisions of part 1 of article 408 of the criminal procedure code, the offences fall into the category of cases in which the prosecution is carried out in private, that is the case excited directly by filing a complaint in court to bring a person to criminal responsibility”, – the press-service of the Ministry.

However, there was no mention about how things are going with the two remaining criminal cases. Apparently, Olga is ready to go to the end to defend the honor and dignity. She talked about wanting to sue and Andrei Arshavin for libel. She was angered when the player decided to protect his wife. The girl insists that all his words are nothing more than fiction. Model from Kazakhstan is ready to sue with Andrey Arshavin for slander

“Andrew, of course, in shock from everything that is happening now, – said Arshavin to the “StarHit”. – With this model it also does not support contact then the club was their first and last meeting. So peacefully to resolve the situation will not succeed”.