Жена Аршавина показала их полуторагодовалую дочку
Yesenia is growing by leaps and bounds.

Жена Аршавина показала их полуторагодовалую дочку

Andrei Arshavin with daughter Yesenia

Photo: Instagram

Recently, the journalist Alice Arshavin wife scandalously
famous footballer Andrei Arshavin, was often to show how she spends time with
family. For example, she recently shared on Instagram a joint staff
husband and eight month old daughter. In pictures Andrew and Yesenia go
on the football field after the match.

“My. The game is over.
Win Kairat. The field was empty. And two of wandering, my favorite, lonely walking on the green silky grass, as the lawn and the accompanying gaze of the audience, is something to think about, dream. And they just good together,”
wrote Alisa (Spelling
and punctuation author. — Approx. ed.).

For the first time Alice showed
first photo year-old daughter Esenii spring 2018: until then, the player with
wife hid the girl from view. When she reaches
one year, the parents lifted the ban on the publication of photographs of her daughter.

“Our doll, Senecca!” comments photos Alice. Fans player actively
commented on a photo of Esenii and noted that the girl was very much like his dad.

Then, in the midst of spring, Alice regularly has become a “heroine” loud
scandals. For example, in April, she said that the ex-husband Alex
Kazmin intends to verify the relationship of children with the help of DNA examination. Have
ex-spouse, the marriage with whom Alice gave birth to eldest daughter Alice and son Alex,
had doubts about his paternity.

Before that, the press widely reported a long dispute between
Arshavin’s wife and alleged mistress — model Olga Semenova. More
before Alice walked in the middle of the air of scandal when it was removed from
flight Moscow — Alma-ATA of the company “Aeroflot”. Simultaneously
Alice and Andrew were
on the verge of divorce, which managed to avoid.

Alice Arshavin with daughter Yesenia