Wife Arshavin openly the reasons for the separation from the rich husband: “didn’t cheat”

Жена Аршавина откровенно причинах расставания с богатым мужем: «Не стала его обманывать» Alice explained why she separated from first husband. According to her, she did not marry on the calculation of Andrei Arshavin. Kazmin had money, however this was not the main criterion for a woman to stay with him.
Жена Аршавина откровенно причинах расставания с богатым мужем: «Не стала его обманывать»

On the eve of “StarHit” reported that the former spouse of Alice Arshavina decided to do a DNA test. Alexey Kazmin believes that children born in the marriage, his family. Alice is shocked by this conclusion the ex-spouse. “In the head still does not fit. Does he not like them and not feel anything? 14 years we were together, 10 of them legally married. Yeah, I did, but I did not submit to the division of property and child support, he never asked nothing,” said Arshavin.

Many followers of the women felt that a couple parted with the scandal. According to many users, Alice married Andrew because he had the best financial situation. Arshavin has denied this fact, laid out in the microblog the ex-spouse, listing his achievements.

“To dispel the myth that I was married on the calculation of your current husband. My ex husband is influential and takes great position in a large company. Very wealthy. And lived in absolute material well-being. Just the rich also cry. Apparently decided to show their power on the children,” said Alice.

Arshavin started to ask if she had feelings for Alex. The woman did not deny that he felt sympathy for him. “I left him and not he from me. Just fell out of love. Did not cheat. Fell in love with Andrew. I believe that my ex-husband don’t deserve to be cheated, and yet could and was able to build a new family,” said Alice, answering comments.

DNA-test: ex-husband of Alice refuses Arshavina children

According to the wife of football player, the most unpleasant in the situation with kazeminy is that children will not be able to understand his decision. “Waiting for him to call Lesha, – said Alice. – Sorry son, upset… little Daughter didn’t understand. But why do children have something to prove? It does not help them and even won’t let, on neutral territory. Quite possibly, he wants to make a fake examination and to be discharged from the apartment on Krestovsky island. And the test costs a lot of money – he is not sorry. Better the gifts the children bought!”.