Wife Arshavin about cheating: “I’m sorry, nobody begged!”

Жена Аршавина об изменах: «У меня прощения никто не вымаливал!»
The wife made a statement about the life of a footballer.

Andrew and Alice Arshavin

Photo: @Instagram alisiaarshavina Alice Arshavina

Alice Arshavin is under the clock “press” in social networks. Fans of Yulia Baranovskaya still can not forgive her the ruined families of the athlete. And although Alice and Andrew have been together for six years, and last year the couple officially registered their relationship and got posterity, detractors again and again remind his wife of Arshavin, saying that on someone else’s misfortune happiness can not be built, and Alice expect a “boomerang” in the form of cheating husband.

Recently on the Network even spread the rumor that Andrew already has a girlfriend.. It was reported that Alice supposedly found out about it and was ready to leave him. However, donated Arshavin expensive car made her change her mind. Andrey’s wife has denied these rumors, openly stating on his page in social networks that are not “catching” her husband’s infidelities.

“I change not seen, not forgive, I’m sorry, nobody begged. I’m just like you read it in the papers! — responded to the rumors Alice. — People around the world diverge, converge, have children and live happily ever after. And all 6 years I discuss! Not worth me doing such important! I am an ordinary woman who lived for 6 years in love and harmony with her husband and children!” And regular accusations that she “got” to the same family of Andrew she said, “Everyone got what they wanted, someone’s lover, someone’s glory on TV!”