Wife Aman Tuleyev

Wife Aman Tuleyev

Aman Tuleyev held a post of the Governor more than 20 years. All this time beside him was his wife.

Wife Aman Tuleyev met him in his youth and has since supported her husband in everything during his journey from MP to the Governor of Kemerovo.

Elvira Solov after marriage took her husband’s name. To their marriage were born two sons Dmitry (1968) and Andrew (1972).

Wife Aman Tuleyev

The Couple Tuleevym

Dmitry Tuleyev is now successfully engaged in business related to highways, and even managed to enter into several contracts with state companies.

Wife Aman Tuleyev

Aman Tuleyev and his son Dmitry

This allows him to provide a comfortable life for my whole family, including the son, who from childhood is keen on sports. The young man decided to connect his life with great tennis, and now confidently takes one vertex after another.

About the second son Tuleyev, alas, is not to say that it’s all good. When he was 26 years old, family tragedy struck – he died in a car accident on the way to Tashkent. In his honor the grieving brother named his son.

In addition to them, Aman Tuleev, and his wife has a grandson Stanislav and granddaughter Tatiana.

The grandson is already married, he has a charming wife named Christine. She is actively engaged in social networks and often shows pictures from vacation. Though her husband they did not appear.

As she says Christina, he is shy of cameras and does not like attention.

Before marriage she was a realtor who worked with famous clients. Job and got her in touch with Stanislav. Now she can afford to make on a hobby – handmade jewelry from beads, which she sells to lovers of exclusive jewelry.Wife Aman Tuleyev

Christina is the wife of Stanislaus

Aman Tuleyev founded funds “Help” and “Semipalatinsk trail”, which is engaged in providing financial assistance to those in need. The Governor makes monthly contributions to these organizations than you already helped a lot of people.

Few people know, but in the nineties Tuleyev often participated in the negotiations with the terrorists, thereby helping the security services to free the hostages. So in 1991, he saved the life of a girl captured by criminals, by offering myself in exchange for it.