Жена Алексея Самсонова обратилась к психологу, чтобы спасти брак Julia shared with subscribers of the unseen. In one of the posts. the young mother said that he plans to go to a specialist to resolve the situation in the family. Followers told her their stories of reviving relations.

Some time ago in the relations of Alexey Samsonov and his wife Yulia had serious contradictions. It was rumored that the ex-participant of “House-2” has left home and rented an apartment. Alexei condemned for what he allegedly threw his wife and young son Myron. According to Julia, she was thinking to deal with the husband through the court and to discuss the right to education of the child. However, in the last few weeks in the family get by. The first birthday of Myron they said together.

In his Instagram she told about the twists and turns in their family life. In the last post she openly said that after all the conflicts they decided to see a specialist.

“I wonder how many of you have turned to a marriage counselor? We all know who the family psychologist. And even many times saw them. Almost any American film where the main characters, a married couple, there is a scene with a psychologist. In our country, family psychology is not so popular. Well, kinda hard to get used to the idea that to deal with our personal relationships, maybe some kind of alien uncle. Although many stories are told about the successful experience with such a professional. Tell us whether you have experience and have improved your relationship? In the second photo, guess who’s wearing me hat. Someone planning a trip to the psychologist, can you stop swearing,” wrote Julia in the microblog.

Many decided to find out in the comments to the post what happened in their family. Subscribers will have assumed that Alex, known for his sharp temper, could raise on Yulia’s hand. However, the young mother claims that in the five years of their relationship that never happened. Samson’s wife can rely on him, because he earns money and is able to support them with my son. Besides, according to Yulia, the husband “is not cheating”. Probably why disagreements the couple did not start because of infidelity.

Yulia and Alexei has seen many periods in life when they are badly argued. “Could small things to be mean, quarrel to the nines. Alex is a hothead! My problem is that just saying, “we disagree” – shared wife Samsonov in an interview. Alexey Samsonov: “the Wife and I were walking at night out of pity”