Жену Алексея Петренко обвинили в неверности A resident of Bishkek said that is the real father of the daughter of actor Melania. Ulukbek Suleymanov appeared in a live TV show on a public channel to share your story with the whole country. According to men, the birth of a girl named aliyah.
Жену Алексея Петренко обвинили в неверности

The hero of the new edition of “Men and Women” became handyman from Bishkek Ulukbek Suleymanov. He claims that he is the real father of the daughter of Alexei Petrenko Melania.

The man said that he met with Asimos in 2003. Novel lovers developed rapidly, and soon they began to live together. 13 January 2007 the couple had a common heir alia, that, according to Suleymanov, Abdumuminov renamed Melania.

“This is my daughter. I declare… We lived together for seven years. The child was desired, mutual” – shared Ulukbek.
Жену Алексея Петренко обвинили в неверности

After the birth of aliyah, Ulugbek took her mother from the hospital. Three years later Abdumuminov said the civil husband has gone for shooting and will be back in a few days. Since then, Suleymanov has not seen the woman and child. “I have two photos, birth certificate and tag. Azim said all that this is not my daughter, and Alexei Vasilyevich. It’s all true. I was silent, now not going to tolerate, I will fight for the daughter until the end,” said a resident of Kyrgyzstan.

That his ex-girlfriend is in a relationship with Alexei Petrenko, the man learned from the words of friends. “I was shocked. Of course, it was unpleasant,” recalls Ulukbek. A resident of Bishkek says was regularly calling his mother, but she was cheating on him. Azimi mother argued that her daughter to her visits.

Lawyer Ulugbek Anatoly Safonov has told that his client came the statement of claim about cancellation of paternity and the revocation of Assembly record about a birth of a child. Abdumuminov also willing to conduct a DNA examination, which, as the lawyer says, will be held in Alma-ATA because Bishkek does not have the necessary equipment. The judge expressed concerns about the fact that Azim can bribe professionals. According to the lawyer Suleymanov tried to make contact with Abdumuminov, but that behaves very aggressively towards an ex-lover.

Жену Алексея Петренко обвинили в неверности

At the disposal of edition of the program was recording conversations Azimi and Ulugbek. Woman really quite sharply answered replica of the former civil husband. In the course of conversation with the man, she said, has done a lot for his family. Then guests heard the excerpt from the dialogue Abdumuminov and a lawyer of her former lover.

“10 years this man had in our lives. And now you want me to impose?.. First, let us prove that he is the father, and then we’ll… You have been misled. I know where the legs grow. You know that their family has a criminal record? He told me that I rescued their brother from… There is a drug he was on, I fed the whole family. He is told?” the woman said on the recording.
Жену Алексея Петренко обвинили в неверности

Lawyer accused Azima that she forged the documents of his daughter. “Neither you nor Petrenko never in Talas was not. According to your claim, you did a second birth certificate that supposedly lived there. It’s cheating,” asked Safonov for her but she stopped the conversation, slamming the receiver down.

Suleymanov said that the accusations are groundless Abdumuminov, and his family is not at all unreliable. At the time, the father of Ulugbek was strongly against the relationship of the son with Atimoi and even insisted on abortion. “In her mind only one financial interest,” – said the parent reported.

Correspondents program decided to make an examination of the second witness of the birth of a girl is to establish its authenticity. Specialist handwriting Victor Kolkutin drew Parallels between the signature of Alexei Petrenko and painted in the documents Melania. “The objects are not comparable”, he said. The man also suggested that, from the face of a famous actor with a high probability acted by a woman.