Жена Алексея Янина сообщила о его успехах в лечении The artist successfully passes the course of recovery after a coma. The beloved star told the social network about improvements in the health of her husband. Fans were delighted with the happy news and wished the idol a speedy recovery.
Жена Алексея Янина сообщила о его успехах в лечении

After may 2015, actor Alexey Yanin in a coma, his fans closely followed the news about his condition. The wife of the artist Daria created a group in the social network to personally communicate accurate information. Recently a young woman spoke about the success of spouse.

“Alesha, all slowly comes back to normal, with small steps he’s making progress.Today, Alex is undergoing tests. Soon we hope that we would get into rehab. Thank you all for your care and attention to our family! I really appreciate it,” – said Daria.
Жена Алексея Янина сообщила о его успехах в лечении

Fans immediately rushed to wish Janina a speedy recovery. “Finally, some good news. I hope your family all is well”, “Thank God! No one even doubt that Alex can handle it. He’s so strong”, “Dasha, share the news often, because every achievement has a value,” wrote the concerned fans.

Previously, Daria reported that the status of her husband markedly improved after an operation at the end of 2016. Now the man is being treated at home, but frequently visits the hospital.

His mother also keeps fans updated with the latest news concerning the health of Alexei. So, in December of 2016, she said that Janine began to speak.

Alexey Yanin spoke up after a long coma

“Alex is good, because he immediately began to speak words, not individual sounds. In its Arsenal a few dozen words, and soon all will start talking. Waiting for some friends,” shared the parent of an actor.

Recall that the actor was taken to hospital on may 6, 2015. He became ill during a meeting with a friend, and the doctors almost immediately diagnosed a stroke. A week later, the state of the stars is deteriorated, therefore, it was decided to conduct emergency surgery. After that, Janina entered into a state of artificial coma. Alex came to himself only in December 2016.

The wife of the actor is sure that the tragedy occurred due to a busy schedule of Ioannina. Being extremely popular in the profession, he managed to combine work in several film projects and theater.

The most striking of the role Alex played in the TV series “Club” and “Students”. The fans hope that Janine will be able to cope with the disease and will soon return to work in the movies and on television.