Винер заставила Мамун выиграть олимпийскую медаль ради умирающего отца The coach admitted his cruelty to the athlete. Two years after the summer Olympics in Rio, where Margarita Mamun became the champion, Irina Viner said that she made a gymnast to win.

Margarita Mamun won Olympic gold two years ago in Rio de Janeiro. In 2017 one of the outstanding gymnasts of her generation declared that leaves big-time sports. Now have a Margarita for many ordinary cases – it deals with arrangement of the apartment – last year, Mamun married swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov. Also, she participates in charitable and promotions.

Recently, Polish Director Marta Prus in Moscow presented a documentary about the Margaret, on her way to Olympic gold. After watching, head coach of the country in rhythmic gymnastics Irina Alexandrovna Viner made the unexpected statement. She said that at the last moment, before the decisive speech of Margarita, was incredibly cruel to her. Wiener recalled Mamun about a dying father.

“Your dad is dying! Show it in your performance!” – said Irina Viner Margarita Mamut

The coach admitted that this is unlikely to be ready ever to repeat. “These moments I will not repeat. I will not be a case to say to a girl when her father died, she acted under the cheerful dance music. In order to live. So she prayed. And she really did it,” – said Irina.

The fact that Margaret’s father Mamut was sick long before these responsible competitions. And when Rita went to Rio for the Olympics, coaches reported that the man remained a few days to live. But Margaret’s father – Abdullah al Mamun – waited for their champion. By the way, the sportswoman didn’t know what the doctors did such a disappointing forecast.

“When Rita went to the Olympics, I said, “Dad left for two days.” Rita was in Rio de Janeiro 21 days. Arrived on the 22nd day. Dad was alive. He picked up her medal and the next day gone,” – said Wiener.

Margarita Mamun had suffered greatly the death of his father, but keeps repeating how happy he saw her gold Olympic medal.

The gymnast admitted that Wiener hard coach who can be very affectionate. And Irina Aleksandrovna, never hesitating words of criticism of the pupils, is also eloquent in the praises of his champion.

“Rita is a star, which God gave these emotions. See, she’s black and the mother white? Here her dad was like that. It is, on the one hand, tigress, and tenderness at Rita’s mom. These two principles it always fought. So when she came out, I was not told how to do elements. Said, “make love to me during the exercise. Show me, tell me what you’re happy, cheerful and sexy.” Sometimes it worked and sometimes she thought about the items”, – quotes the coach matchtv.ru