Вдовы баскетболистов проиграли суд создателям фильма «Движение вверх» The Moscow city court has decided not to ban a number of scenes in the popular film – as “required” claim, composed of the wives of Alexander Belov and Vladimir Kondrashin. The spouses of these players found the film “moving up” many inaccuracies and inconsistencies in their real life.
Вдовы баскетболистов проиграли суд создателям фильма «Движение вверх»

Tape “moving up” was released in wide release December 28, 2017. The movie tells the story of the participation of the USSR national team in basketball at the Munich Olympics in 1972. The protagonists of the competition was Alexander Belov athlete and honored coach of the Soviet Union Eugene Kondrashin. They were the main characters of the tape. “Moving up”, we recall, became the highest grossing Russian film in the history of the rental.

However, the widow of the famous basketball player Alexander Ovchinnikov (Belova) and Evgeniya Kondrashina was strongly opposed to this picture. Women went to court. In their opinion, in the film there are scenes that are distorted describe the lives of famous athletes.

“Having considered the arguments of appeal complaints of the applicants, the Moscow city court refused to satisfy their demands,” – said the representative of the court.

Omet is that earlier Presnensky court of Moscow has refused satisfaction of the claim Ovchinnikova and kondrachine. Claim women demanded to oblige the Studio “trite” Nikita Mikhalkov to exclude from the film some episodes that contain, in their opinion, inaccurate information about the private lives of athletes and false information about the disease, Alexander Belov.

Having considered the parties ‘ arguments, the district court concluded that the film “moving up” is a creative fiction, not a documentary biography of athletes. Therefore refused the requirements of the applicants.

The creators of the film “moving up” responded to the criticism

Precise, Alexander Ovchinnikov told reporters that her late husband, the legendary basketball player Alexander Belov, the painting presents a terminally ill person during the Olympics-72.

“Sasha in 1972 was a genius of basketball, the young, very promising, it was possible to remove, something is beautiful! Sasha and so little lived. And here it is already in 1972, do terminally ill. It is very unpleasant. Personally, I really hurt for all of this. They show his personal life, I was opposed to something invented and told. To which I replied: he, they say, and you had a lot of girlfriends, you are the only one. I honestly want to cry, still not watching this movie. Let the Studio “Trite” movie about the family Mikhalkov, where his family will drink will be terminally ill, will behave inappropriately, sleep with anyone. Let him withdraw and say that this is fiction,” said Ovchinnikov.

The widow of the late coach Evgeny V. Kondrashin, in turn, believed that the script writers have never been at a basketball game and have no idea how Vladimir Petrovich acted at the games. She reported that in the film there is the image of the son of the coach, wheelchair Yuri. In the movie the coach of the Soviet Union is trying to speculate the currency to ensure that the boy operation. According to the woman, surgical intervention their child was never carried out. A real son of a coach – cerebral palsy.

“This is such bullshit. The only thing that it coincides with the reality – the victory in Munich. Everything else is not. And write about us like we the courts are started for money. Yes, we would probably have paid money to is not appearing in the light,” said Eugene Kondrashin in an interview.

Widow of the famous basketball players spoke out against the movie “moving up”

Based on the materials of “Interfax” and “Regnum”.