Вдовец сестры Григорьева-Аполлонова нашел утешение в объятиях блондинки Andrew Burdukov resting in the company of his friend. In July last year, a man lost his wife, sister of the singer Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo, Julius. He gave out a signal that starts a new life.
Вдовец сестры Григорьева-Аполлонова нашел утешение в объятиях блондинки

The sister of the soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Andrei Grigoriev-Apollo passed away in late July of last year. For a long time her widower Andrew Burdukov literally could not find a place and did not believe that death has claimed his 52-year-old wife Yulia. Apparently, now the man found solace in the arms of his friend’s love. Couple having a great time together – now they are at a ski resort in Sochi.

Widowed sisters Grigoriev-Apollo cannot come to terms with bereavement

“Young, tanned, beautiful. That’s what brings the sport. On top of life,” he wrote in the microblog.

The followers of the widowed sisters Grigoriev-Apollo welcome the fact that he met a new love and admitted that they look great together. However, the man calls the blonde “friend”.

Love and Andrew met together for a few holidays – they saw off Maslenitsa in Moscow, greeted the Chinese New year. “We are the most beautiful! Preparing for the solar Eclipse! Build plans at 23.45 send the universe desires – what you will be tomorrow! The universe takes all” – wrote the girl in the microblog.

Not so long ago Burdukov made it clear to their followers on Instagram, begins a new life. He posted a photo with Love in one of the restaurants. Andrew admitted that he no longer pays attention to what others think.

“For me, it’s weird, I never wanted to, but at the same time begin to understand that sometimes it is very cool! The first time took in themselves and the decision to think only about themselves and to live solely for yourself! Actually, I finally stopped someone to consult about what to do, what to do… is that right!? Myself so funny, just do it! What I want and not think what others think, how to evaluate, and the like. How cool to send your thoughts and love only for themselves. Love is meant in the broad sense of the word. Can’t help and think about other people’s problems and needs, get used to it, well if only on the neck sat. At the same time, I sincerely hope that this is temporary! I also realized that I like for someone to cook and to feed,” wrote the man.