Вдова Евтушенко рассказала о возвращении в Россию Maria Vladimirovna is going to come back very soon to arrange a memorial. Family of Yevgeny Yevtushenko continues to live in the United States. Now family and friends are working to publish the latest works of the poet.
Вдова Евтушенко рассказала о возвращении в Россию

The first of April became the famous poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko. The man died at the age of 84 years. In 1991, the famous writer was invited to teach in the United States, where he moved together with his family – fourth wife, Maria Novikova, who was younger than his 30 years. They had two sons – Eugene and Dmitry. After the death of Yevtushenko woman together with the heirs of learning to live without head of the family. Despite the cruel blow of fate, they are slowly returning to business as usual.

“Zhenya Yevtushenko found a job, while temporary, unfortunately. This semester he will be teaching history at a private school. And Mitya, too, works more or less okay. And I already started school Monday, so again I teach little kids how to speak English,” – said the widow of the poet.
Вдова Евтушенко рассказала о возвращении в Россию

Relatives worried that all started by Yevgeny Yevtushenko during his life have been the logical conclusion. They intend to release those papers worked out by the man lately.

The poet knew about the imminent demise – he spent several years fighting cancer, malignant tumor of the kidney. After surgery, the disease has receded, but after a while, the doctors diagnosed the fourth degree of cancer. The doctors did not hide from relatives of the disappointing forecast – a month later, Yevtushenko had died, although expected to be live a little longer. He was sure that his plans and projects saw the light. Now the whole family and close friends Eugene A. threw all their forces to do his will. Son of Eugene Evtushenko told about the last hours of his life

Вдова Евтушенко рассказала о возвращении в Россию“The fifth volume of “Anthology of Russian poetry” (and on this fundamental project Yevgeny Yevtushenko worked in recent years) comes out in Moscow in September, just in time for the International book fair. The sixth volume is also already ready, it should take the work”, – told Maria Vladimirovna.

The family Yevtushenko is preparing to present the seventh part of the book, on which he began work in the early 90’s. They intend to complete the autobiographical novel “Bering tunnel”. Despite the fact that more than 25 years, the entire family Yevtushenko lives abroad, they regularly come to Russia. Maria Vladimirovna understands that there are many fans of her husband, but because she believes it is necessary to arrange a meeting.

“In Moscow, in Peredelkino, I will come in October. And then going again in the summer. Because I understand that we have a new tradition was born – we on 18 July every year at the ZIL culture center will collect evening dedicated to Evgeny,” – said the widow of Yevtushenko in conversation with the correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.