Вдова Шаинского раскрыла подробности последних дней его жизни Shortly before the composer’s death, with his daughter Svetlana was near him. Vladimir shainskiy has passed away, celebrating Christmas with family people. Despite the fact that he was in the hospital, the family was able to arrange a small celebration.
Вдова Шаинского раскрыла подробности последних дней его жизни

26 December it became known about death of the famous composer Vladimir Shainsky. The last years of his life he spent in the United States. Just two weeks before the death of the famous songwriter noted 92nd birthday. Presumably, the cause of death was stomach cancer.

The widow of Vladimir Yakovlevich Svetlana told about that, what were the last days of life of the famous composer. Shortly before his birthday his condition deteriorated. Shainsky put in the hospital, where he met the feast the family has decided not to bring him home.

“On 24 December in the US, Christmas for us over the years in America it also became a large holiday. To our guests arrived daughter Anna. We went to our dad in the hospital, spent the whole day with him in a beautifully decorated house, Christmas tree, celebrated. Vladimir Yakovlevich last ten days was like half asleep. Already did not really say, but, judging by the gestures, he understood. Respond to certain phrases,” recalled Svetlana.

The widow of the composer told me that Anya had a long talk with father alone. After the feast the family master went home, and just a few hours they were told the tragic news of the death. Svetlana thanked the fate that they managed to organize such a celebration, and Vladimir Yakovlevich died with the realization that family love him very much.

Vladimir shainskiy – about women: “They inspire me, and make a good song”

“I patted on the head. Vladimir Yakovlevich was holding my hand, and these words have supplied some sign with his head. If agreed,” admitted Svetlana.

Yesterday it became known that the body of Vladimir Yakovlevich will be laid to rest in Russia. After the holidays it will be delivered to the home. Svetlana had intended to organize a funeral in the US, but has enabled the authorities of our country to make the final decision. The Ministry of culture agreed with the Shainsky family that the ceremony will be held after January 12.

“Will he not left. Despite his age, sharply terminated me from the moment I spoke about it. About death is not thought at all,” said Svetlana in conversation with the publication of Woman’s Day.