Вдова Муслима Магомаева раскрыла причины семейных ссор Tamara Sinyavskaya shared memories of the legendary actor in the broadcast of “Tonight.” About Muslim Magomayev told his daughter from his first marriage, Marina, lives with her husband and son in America.
Вдова Муслима Магомаева раскрыла причины семейных ссор

On Saturday, March 3, the program “Tonight” with Julia Menshovoj dedicated to the memory of the legendary singer and composer Muslim Magomayev. In the Studio gathered relatives and friends of the artist, who shared their memories of him. The guest of honor was the widow of the stars Tamara Sinyavskaya. The romance between her and Magomayev began in Baku in the fall of 1972. After a couple of years couple has registered relations.

In secular circles often discussed relations Sinyavskaya and Magomaev. It was said that sometimes in their house, passions were running high. At times the singer even went to Baku to recover. It is known that in the artist’s life there was a moment when he seriously quarreled with his wife, but the marriage Magomayev was saved by the song “goodbye love.”

“We all did. And not only we, very many people, including the editorial Board of all-Union radio. And then we wrote a song for Tamara. It so happened that when I heard this song, they made it up”, — said the authors of the songs Alexandra Pakhmutova and Nikolai Dobronravov.
Вдова Муслима Магомаева раскрыла причины семейных ссор

Presenter Julia Menshova asked Tamara Sinyavskaya to talk about what preceded the writing of this song. In answering this question, the actress revealed the reasons why fighting with your spouse.

“Well, as always happens, and how? The temperaments, characters, people, everyone back, if I may say so… We met when he was 30 years old, and how many I will not say. I already hung a Large theatre, not a train or cargo, and with a Royal robe. Of course, all this was not just. But when he appeared next, was nothing like that — no robes and Royal crowns”, — said the singer.
Вдова Муслима Магомаева раскрыла причины семейных ссор

In the first marriage. a daughter, Marina. Currently, she lives in America with family — husband Alexander Kozlovsky (son of the author of the song “Blue eternity”) and heir to Allen. In the program showed interviews with relatives of the famous artist. “I remember the cottage, remember Muslim, although I was only four years old. Remember how I swam in the pool, and a Muslim walked by, and conducted”, — says the grandson Magomayev.

Tamara Sinyavskaya says the daughter of the husband from first marriage is very talented. After Magomayev divorced with her mother Ophelia, he continued to chat with the heiress.

“This is not the right word. But it was the communication of an adult with the younger daughter, who began to think what music is. She is very musical, but somehow ended geographical Institute… And Alex [Alexander Kozlovsky], among other things, a singer. He in his youth was a clear, beautiful voice. But then he grew up and decided to become husband and daughter Muslim, said Sinyavskaya, laughing. — Alex went to America and drove back to the Marina. Now she is a mother.”