Widow of Muslim Magomayev: “I was sorry when her husband sang at home”

Вдова Муслима Магомаева: «Мне было жалко, когда муж пел дома» Tamara Sinyavskaya remembered how was husband. According to the widow of Magomayev, she loved to eavesdrop sometimes, when the performer was rehearsing excerpts from the Opera. The actor passed away exactly nine years ago.
Вдова Муслима Магомаева: «Мне было жалко, когда муж пел дома»

This year the famous Soviet artist Muslim Magomayev would have turned 75 years. He died on 25 October 2008, so all the gigs of memory and Magomayev contest in his name now traditionally held closer to the middle of autumn.

In day of memory of great artist “StarHit” gathered interesting facts that told the widow of singer – people’s artist of the USSR, Opera diva Tamara Sinyavskaya, as well as a local journalist, Mikhail Sadchikov, repeatedly met with Magomayev during the interview.

“When I read the autobiography Magomayev “my Love – melody”, was initially disappointed,” – says Mikhail Sadchikov. “Where are the details behind the scenes stories, scandals, who climb into the life and work of the artist? In the book there is nothing about this! So when I was a few years ago came to the Muslim Magometovich on interviews, asked from the doorway: “Not too quiet book, I would say smoothed?”

It turned out that before you take the job, Magomayev read the book Plisetskaya and decided that in principle will not be to speak and write about those who have done him badly or were unsympathetic. He never liked to get personal, to settle scores… “besides your entire life in one book without having to cram, and when the book was almost finished, suddenly occurred to me that I forgot someone, I forgot one other story. But just in the memory will not hold, and the diary I never kept,” – said Magomayev.

Eastern roots helped Magomayev to overcome the difficulties and troubles of life, he was called one of the most intelligent and wise people on stage, but he only laughed.

Вдова Муслима Магомаева: «Мне было жалко, когда муж пел дома»“I think that little man from the East. Yeah, I guess over the years I have become wiser, but without false modesty I will tell that stupid was never. I would call the stupidity of my explosive temper when I could have the nose of the Deputy Minister of culture to shut the door or send someone strong word. But this I can do”, – shared his impressions Magomayev.

At 60, he gave the impression of a wise, worthy, everything in life is made and seen. In the 2000s, he has rarely performed, and recitals were given. Magomayev from all this remains, although the condition could go on tour – but he always has a full bowl stadiums, the upside-down car was not needed. He was much nicer to carry home life – he listened to a lot of music, watched a video, and when the first computers appeared, it began to actively explore it.

“I spend a lot of time at the computer, he write the arrangements, and got carried away with photoshop. Can donkey’s ears of the man to attach, rigorosity it or disfigure. Tamara love – flick of the wrist make it under twenty years” – said Magomayev.

In his spare time Muslim Magomedovich was working on portraits of Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Pushkin, as he spoke for themselves. Tamara Sinyavskaya says that once he got a call from the Pushkin Museum in occasion of the personal exhibition! “He was so outraged that I did not even bother to call them back. It seemed to him that to put his work in this Museum is a real madness,” said Sinyavskaya.

Recently in St. Petersburg Tamara Mikhailovna shared this story.

“Once we come to Joe. Sitting at the table, about something talking, then suddenly “went” is the voice – I have what he has… Pugachev stares on one another. And we began to discuss some kind of transfer, which showed a singer who was singing, and we did not agree. I said, “This note was necessary to cover”, Muslim, on the contrary: “You understand nothing, just this note for paint we had to get under cover”… And so I looked up and said: “Guys like you are interested to live!” – Sinyavsky recalls.
Вдова Муслима Магомаева: «Мне было жалко, когда муж пел дома»

Magomayev was respectful to colleagues on stage. Here is what he said about Pugacheva.

“On the stage while no one has Dolly parton not surpassed! Whatever she did, it may come just to laugh, to remember some stories, sing some completely voiceless song, but she will make sure that the public is ready to accept everything with joy!” – Magomayev said.

It turned out that many years ago he gave a start in life the current “Golden voice of Russia” Nikolay Baskov.

“The father of Koli, our friend the Ambassador of Azerbaijan, one day the Ambassador said to me: “Muslim, you can watch Tamara young boy, the son of my friend? They say he has a good voice.” I never liked someone to watch, something to learn, because usually these characters that don’t even know what to do. Here, it was not to get out, and I said, “Tamara, let’s get ready!” The boy came, I asked him what he wants to do, and akkompaniroval him on the piano Neapolitan song “You don’t cry”. He began to sing, and we have the apartment all… rattled! Lovely sound all “worth it.” I smiled, “Boy, why did you come to audition?!” – told Magomayev.

Muslim Magometovich loved talking about doctors, illnesses, considering that is not the case of the men to flaunt these problems. Although he several times admitted that with his wife Tamara enjoyed the help of a psychic Yefim Shubentsov. The healer removed the headache, “lowered” high pressure, helped Tamara to find a voice, called the photos the diagnoses were healed over the phone.

“I really was sorry when Muslim sang Opera houses. Sat at the instrument, at first he closed the door, and I quietly crept, stood… Silence, and then the door swings open: “Eavesdropping?” “Yes.” And began the discussion of how everything turned out. Here I was sorry that no one hear how he really sounds. Still, the stage assumes a slightly different message, and as he was a very fine musician, he had a song he yells. This, of course, all Western, he listened to a lot of singers and “the”, and the present Opera and the great singers, like Frank Sinatra,” adds Sinyavsky.