Widow of Batyrkhan Shukenov does not receive royalties for his songs

Вдова Батырхана Шукенова не получает авторские гонорары за его песни Sheliakova Catherine and her son are learning to live without the artist. The family of Batyrkhan Shukenov was hard for a long time the heir of a musician and his ex-wife did not have a roof over your head and livelihoods.

      Вдова Батырхана Шукенова не получает авторские гонорары за его песни

      The death of the first of A’studio soloist from a heart attack a year ago turned the life of his family. Ex-wife Catherine Selyakova and 14-year-old son Maksut remained without a roof over your head – house in America, who built Batyrkhan Shukenov, away from the family as soon as the flow stopped payments on the loan. The legacy of the singer turned out to be poor. Odnushku in Moscow, where they found the body of the author of the hit “Julia”, was removable, and talk about the land in the suburbs – fiction.

      On the day of death Batyrkhan Shukenov paid off all debts

      Remains only the fate of the royalties. “The family of knight, said that his mother is ready to abandon his half of the rights to intellectual property, but the notary has not yet signed any documents, – has shared with “StarHit” Catherine. I don’t know who deals with this issue on the part of relatives, they regularly ignore a meeting with my lawyer. Because of this we cannot get money in the Russian authors society and the Russian Union of rights holders, where you need to bring a paper about joining the legacy”.

      Support for women and the only heir became the singer Valery Meladze. “I am extremely grateful Valera, he always finds time to call and write to us,” she says. – Helps each Warrior rope Uskenov”.

      Вдова Батырхана Шукенова не получает авторские гонорары за его песни

      With a family of musicians – his mother and three brothers – Catherine is not United, even a common grief. “Relatives with Maksut not communicate. Apparently, it prevents the big difference in time – sigh widow. – Communicate only with Baurzhan – one of the brothers Batyr solved together legal and financial issues”.

      After the death of singer Catherine pleaded with the construction company for the house in Florida. “Batyr managed to pay only a third of the loan – $190 thousand, while the remaining $460 thousand hung on Katya, – says Olzhas Bykanov, a close friend of the singer. – She I never had the money, land and a cottage was taken. Lucky, at least through the court was able to recover part of the invested amount”.

      Last summer in Kazakhstan has created a Fund of a name of Batyrkhan Shukenov, who has held several charity concerts in Astana and Moscow.

      “Thank Kazakhstan and the Russian artists participating in the performances. We can now afford to own a corner, ” admits Catherine. – In addition, thanks to the program “Let them talk”, after which the Fund began to receive funds. Hopefully, in early may, already moving out of the apartment my girlfriend into a new house. We Maksut still can’t get over the fact that the Warrior is no more. Even invented for himself the legend that he just left on tour”.

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