Widow of Alexander Kaidanovsky put to rest the debate about his legacy

Вдова Александра Кайдановского поставила точку в споре о его наследстве Inna Pilars for the first time voiced its position. Widow of Alexander Kaidanovsky tried to prove that in a short marriage with her actor was happy. In addition, she believed that had been fair with the legacy of the stars.

      Вдова Александра Кайдановского поставила точку в споре о его наследстве

      This year Alexander Kaidanovsky would have turned 70 years old. Famous actor left behind a rich legacy. The star of the film “at home among strangers, stranger among friends” and other masterpieces of Soviet cinema died twenty years ago after a heart attack. However, speculation around the legacy of the famous actor continue to occur and now. The widow Kaidanovsky Inna Pivar was only 27 years old when she buried her husband. Their marriage lasted months.

      After Alexander’s death, the girl was nicknamed “black widow” and accused her of fraud with the estate. One of the most aggressive in relation to Inna personalities became a friend Kaidanovsky Vera Shchur. In the Studio of the program “live” it has made its position clear.

      “Inherited a lot included stunning renovated apartment on sivtseff Vrazhek that Sasha received, and the home country. The friend had four children, said Schur. When we reached the Moscow city court, the widow decided to give each child five thousand dollars.” It turns out that Faith actively helped me in the struggle for the inheritance.

      For once and for all put an end to the question that was actually solved many years ago, the widow Kaydanovskogo Inna Pivers publicly for the first time brought face to face with his longtime opponent. The actress has denied the Faith Schur about what a legacy was part of a country house.

      Вдова Александра Кайдановского поставила точку в споре о его наследстве

      “I was married to Alexander L. married three weeks, and I was happy. And this determined my whole future life. I hate that after this amount of time, and it is 20 years that whether memory has become, I don’t see why the trend of this number lies in the first place. How can you not know, that’s so insulting to me that the house was not any inheritance? Maybe you’re not aware or forgot that the house was rented, it was just a rental. It is not inherited. You’ve spoken about courts and the court itself was not”, – said Inna.

      It turns out that the group of persons, which, according to Pivar, was Vera Shchur, wrote a letter to the court to recognize her marriage to Kaidanovsky invalid. The woman was accused that she violently forced the actor to sign the papers to become his legal wife.

      As evidence to the contrary, Inna brought to the Studio program diary actor, who has managed to retain after his death. The entry Kaidanovsky made the wedding day with Pepars reads: “a Remarkable day! I got married! Totally happy!”

      “At that time, the apartment was worth, in my opinion, 25 thousand dollars. It was divided into five parts. Me officially, the notary gave one-fifth, like all other four children – pivers clarified the situation with the inheritance of the actor. No marital share I had, although in principle they explained to me that if you’re going to sue, you can win half of married and one-fifth of the other half. I was not sued and was not going to do that. I sold my apartment in Timiryazevskaya and tried to negotiate with the children to give them money”.

      At the end of the program in the Studio appeared the daughter of actor Kaidanovsky Darya, which made clear that claims to the widow of the actor she is not. “What was the inheritance? My father’s legacy is not the things, not a sofa, it’s not even flat, no matter how much she was worth. This is his work, his films… He directed and filmed wonderful films. It is his role, which no one can take away that you can’t split up, they belong to all of you,” said Daria.

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