Вдовы любовников Елены Прокловой ответили на ее извинения Efrosinya Ivanova-Volontir does not believe that her husband could cheat on her. She believes that Elena Proklova was in love with Mihai Volontir, but he would not return her affection. The woman does not understand why a famous actress rakes over the past.

      Вдовы любовников Елены Прокловой ответили на ее извинения

      Not so long ago a famous actress and TV presenter Elena Proklova decided to reveal some intimate details of his personal life. She admitted that once she was tied up relationships with many famous men. And so, after a time, she made a Frank admission in the broadcast of a television programme. Artist to talk about novels with actors. Elena Proklova confessed that she had a relationship with Oleg Yankovsky, Oleg Tabakov, Mihai Volontir, Andrei Mironov.

      Some of ex-lovers actress is no longer alive, and their widows there was a mixed opinion about the statements of Proklova, which decided to recall the past and share these with the whole country. Efrosinya Ivanova-Volontir refuses to believe the words of Helen. She believes that the artist was in love with her husband, but he would not return her affection.

      “Mihai was a decent man, and I don’t believe he has changed. We lived with him for 50 years. We had a love at first sight, and no Proklova could not stop us. Could she in love with him, but nothing serious, they did not have”, – expressed his point of view, the widow of the stars of the film “Gypsy”.

      Elena Proklova told about the relationship with Oleg Tabakov. She was only 16 years old and he is 33 years. He was already a famous actor, so Elena was flattered by his attention, but she wasn’t going to divert him from his family. Proklova knows that it’s unpleasant to remember this hobby of youth, but nevertheless did not hide this fact from the public. Oleg Tabakov was first told about the reasons of rupture with his wife

      Вдовы любовников Елены Прокловой ответили на ее извинения

      In ether one of the programs Elena admitted that the affair with Oleg Yankovsky has gone too far – she was expecting his child. However, the man had a family, so Proklova did not want to take him away from the legitimate wife and decided on an abortion. Moreover, she was personally acquainted with the wife of his lover Larissa Golubkina and had great respect for her. For the widow Mironov was not a surprise explicit recognition of Elena. Proklova asked for forgiveness from all the women whose husbands she has had Affairs. Widow Mironov does not hold a grudge against the actress for her relationship with her husband. Proklova about abortion from Jankowski: “He was standing under the window and asked not to do”

      “You are forgiven,” replied Golubkina on Proklova apology to the journalists of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.