Widow Ilya Oleynikov spoke about a new relationship

Вдова Ильи Олейникова заговорила о новых отношениях Irina Klyaver does not exclude the possibility to marry again. On the fifth anniversary of the death of the husband the woman gave a Frank interview in which he told how to live all this time without a loved one. Irina Klyaver gave to understand that if fate will send her a new love, she will not resist the feelings.

November 11 – the day of memory of the famous actor and TV presenter Ilya Oleinikov. Popular comedian did not five years ago, he died of lung cancer. The widow of the artist Irina Klyaver today a lot of communicating with her grandson Timothy and family only son Denis Klyaver. The woman admitted that people around her are afraid to speak with her about a possible new relationship. However, Irina made it clear, that if fate will send her a good man to resist, she will not.

“On meeting a man had two or three lines. Knowing my nature, people fear me something like that. And I in turn live for today. Trying to be helpful to their friends and family. And there, as they say, come what may!” optimistic said Irina Klyaver.

Widow stars “small Town” Irina Klyaver told, how to cope with the emptiness after her husband’s death. A woman reading his book and reviewing programmes with participation of Ilya Oleinikov. As for dreams, in which her husband, she sees infrequently.

“Ilyushenka came to me only twice, although many of our friends dream of him often. The last time he inquired about my health and offered to sit with him in the car. But I passed… But if you go back to the question that helps me is the love of people, remembering and loving husband. It happens that people on the street smile at me, and I understand that they are in this moment remember Ilya. Many call him a genius!” – continues to Irina Klyaver.

Widow Ilya Oleynikov said that the theme of the care of his grandfather still hurts their grandson Timothy. The guy still sneak mourning their deceased relative. According to Irina Victorovna, Timothy remarkably similar to my grandfather.

“Sometimes, you look exactly the same, take the same position. Ilya was not at home physically active. Most probably it is a “sofa” a man. Timoshka the same – gentle, quiet boy, – quotes Irina Klyaver edition of “Interlocutor”. For Timoshka theme grandpa are still very sensitive, he even looks still can’t hide it. When runs to me, often seen grandpa’s photos, shed a tear.”