Widow Ilya Oleynikov received a mystical message from her husband

Вдова Ильи Олейникова получила мистическое послание от мужа
Irina Klyaver “met” with her beloved husband.

Ilya Oleynikov and his wife Irina

Photo: EastNews.ru

This summer, Ilya Oleynikov might be 70 years. People’s artist of the was five years ago, and his loving family and friends still learning to live without him. In a recent interview, Irina Klyaver said that more than any other about him pining grandson Timothy. It is often with tears in my eyes looking at pictures of a beloved grandfather.

Irina admitted that she to survive the loss of a loved one helped… friends and the spouse himself. The fact that she supported him a mystical connection: a husband sometimes comes to her in dreams. “The last time he inquired about my health and offered to sit with him in the car. But I passed…” — said the actor’s widow.

The klyaver and Oleynikov was a rare example of a long and happy marriage. They never were on the verge of divorce and living in absolute harmony. Having lived most of his life with one man, Irene thought after my husband’s funeral to look for a new spouse. She prefers not to think on the subject, but does not exclude that maybe in the future and will decide on a new relationship.

“On this subject there were two or three lines. Knowing my nature, people fear me something like that. And I in turn live for today. Trying to be helpful to their friends and family. And there, as they say, come what may!” — quotes Irina Sobesednik.ru