Widow Evstigneeva Irina Zybina refuses to marry lover

Вдова Евстигнеева Ирина Цывина отказывается выходить замуж за любовника The young man wants to marry an actress, but she does not want. About it Irina Zybina and her partner actor Denis Serdyukov said in the Studio of the program “the Stars aligned”.
Вдова Евстигнеева Ирина Цывина отказывается выходить замуж за любовника

Irina Zybina was married four times. First time fictitiously, with the administrator of the Moscow art theater for Metropolitan residence. Then Irina, 16 years was the wife of his teacher, the national artist of the country Yevgeny Evstigneeva. Third husband of the actress became George Pusep, with him she lived for officially 8 years and had two children, a son Eugene and daughter of Zinovy. The last legitimate husband of Irina Zybina was a businessman Alexander Blagonravov. The couple were married, but broke up shortly before Alexander’s death in 2016, and not having a divorce.

That Irina’s heart again not free, it became known not so long ago. The actress posted a very explicit photo on the Internet. The photo of her hugging a half-naked man. He was a 47-year-old actor Denis Serdyukov. Irina presented the young lover to the public in the program of NTV “the Stars aligned”, which was devoted to divorce.

The Zybina said that is not shy prorocheski shots and believes that he has the right to show your man his best. The woman repeatedly stressed: she loves the beautiful body his new chosen one.

Вдова Евстигнеева Ирина Цывина отказывается выходить замуж за любовника“And why not. I’m a free woman, a year ago I lost my husband. Why don’t I have a relationship with any man. Loose women for a long time on the road alone is not that bad, especially as pretty as me. Dennis is my lover, friend, a close person”, – said Irina.

Denis Serdyukov also became the guest of the program. The man admitted that the actress, who over his seven years, conquered it in the first place with their beauty. He calls their relationship “love,” and she, interrupting, said that rather, it is “love”. They have common friends and acquaintances they met along with his family in the new year in St. Petersburg, Denis introduced his beloved with his mother. Irina is also ready to introduce Denis to his children, but there is no such possibility of her daughter abroad, and the son is in the army.

The actor doesn’t mind even marrying a Zybina, but she and her four marriages does not want. “Suddenly it will be something to qualify,” says Zybina.

Recall that Irina is suing the son of her deceased fourth husband given by Alexander Blagonravova, who claims to be a quarter of the property left after the death of the businessman. The actress doesn’t understand why the stepson claims to property which was in the will of Eugene Evstigneeva. And Alexander is convinced that in the assets their funds were invested by his father. The next hearing in the case will take place on February 26.