Widow bass player “lube” spoke openly about the tragedy

Вдова бас-гитариста «Любэ» откровенно заговорила о трагедии Deceased spouse of Paul Usanova finds a place after his sudden death. Juliana spoke in detail about that fateful day when a musician was severely beaten. According to her, Paul then did not behave as usual, and shortly before the incident, his mother had a bad dream.

      Вдова бас-гитариста «Любэ» откровенно заговорила о трагедии

      Widow who died 19 April participant of group “lube” Pavel Usanov as Julian is experiencing the loss of a loved one. According to the woman, the incident with the bass player in the suburban bar was an absolute accident. However, on the eve of the mother of Paul dreamed a bad dream about her son.

      Julian and Paul got hitched in 2013. The wife of the musician also played guitar and sang songs. Shortly before his death Usanov his wife wrote to the casting of the TV project “the Voice”. Julian says that now she will have to go for Paul. The woman remembered that on the day when there was a fight, Paul did everything that he was unusual.

      The bass guitarist of group “lube” died

      According to Juliana, during lent Usanov agreed to go out with his friend Alexander to celebrate the birth of his daughter.

      “I talk to did not and went away on business. And when he returned, found her husband Alexander for the brandy, which, like other spirits, he never really complained about. I am very tensed, tried to persuade him to go home. The husband has promised that one coming, but it never came” said the wife Usanova.

      Home Paul brought in intoxicated security guards of the village. Only in the morning at the hospital, Dimitrov revealed that he has a fractured frontal bone, and multiple contusions of the brain. Thanks to the leader of group “lube” Nikolai Rastorguev, Usanova on the ambulance was taken to Sri behalf of the Sklifosovsky.

      Вдова бас-гитариста «Любэ» откровенно заговорила о трагедии

      Usanova wife said that her husband joined the scuffle with the two inhabitants of Odessa in the bar. Paul and his neighbor Alexander were there to celebrate the birth of a son. Usanov elbow accidentally brushed by the man behind the bar. Visitor to the bar aggressively responded to such a gesture. It appeared to be a Good Maxim, which is now suspect in the brutal beating of musician.

      “When the institution was closed, Alexander, without a word, got up and went home. Went and Odessa. The bar remained Pasha, and his Good friend, who just called a taxi. When it arrived, Good refused to leave. But I know, if he alone attacked my husband, Pasha would be instantly put him on the shoulder. Clearly he has been attacked a few people, and confirms the witness that watched all from the window of his house,” he revealed details of the incident with Julian Usynovim. According to the woman, muzykant beat professionally – so that didn’t remain traces.

      Wife of Paul remembers that that night Paul left home without a pectoral cross, that is left without protection. And shortly before that starred in the clip with the guitar, inherited from his tragically deceased party “lube”. Nikolay Rastorguev earlier also claimed that the death of the bass player is something mystical.

      The leader of the “lube” called the death of Paul Usanova mystical

      “I have long worried: suddenly we lost precious time, not immediately calling an ambulance. But doctors said the injury was so serious that to prevent damaging the brain processes proved to be impossible,” said Julian in a candid interview with “Express newspaper”.

      Recall that the doctors fought for the life Usanova about 17 days, they performed surgery by craniotomy, but were unable to save the life of a musician. From the first marriage of Paul’s daughter Sofia and son Bob.

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