Why Vysotsky left him at 3am

Почему Высоцкий ушел от Раневской в 3 часа ночи
Niece Lyubov Orlova discovered unknown facts from the life of artists.

Faina Ranevskaya

Grandniece Lyubov Orlova Nonna Golikova grew up in
surrounded by famous actors and Directors. Her memories of meeting with Faina
Ranevskaya full of love for this actress, whose eccentricity had become legendary.

“I always, until old age, remained something of
a small child — says Golikova. — Somehow the two of us walked with her grandmother
to Liubov Petrovna. And suddenly I see: on the road the cow. I was a little girl and very
was afraid of cows. But I was what I thought she would protect me, after all
she’s a friend of my grandmothers, and in the adults I’m used to seeing defenders. But then
Foofa gets up on all fours and quickly crawling to the curb in the bushes.
It turns out that she, too, was afraid of cows. As a result, I was scared even more than
if there was one. I rushed into the bushes after him. We hugged and
trembled, while the cow is not passed and the “danger” not passed.”

Nona recalls that no meeting with the actress was not
without any “pearl” on her part. “One day, when Luba already
it was not and Aleksandrov remained a widower (my grandmother did not even before), we
Faina Georgievna drove Vnukovo to visit Grigory Vasilyevich.
Alexandrov we caught for dinner, with the plates in front of him was a miracle
small portable TV for cars, incredible new. Need
to tell Grigory was very fond of new appliances and have always been
first, it acquired the benefit of such opportunities he had. And here
tiny TV he watched the news. Foofa asks: “Grisha, what is it?”
“That’s — a portable TV called “Youth”. “Yes? And how much it cost
“Youth”?” — “Two hundred rubles.” “I would have for the youth gave more!” Then, when we
returned from Grigory Vasilievich in Moscow, Maria gave another
aphorism. On the road the car shook, and turning to the driver, Faina
G. said, “Careful, darling, after all you’re taking “the lady with Kame…
nami”. So instead of camellias kidney stones”.

Golikova says that the house from Faina walls were
hung with pictures. Purchase cards with touching dogs was interspersed with
portraits of famous contemporaries. All inscriptions:
Akhmatova, however, Shostakovich, Twardowski… “At first glance
looked like a strange mishmash. But if you look closely, you can catch
some similarities between the people living adjacent to them dogs. This was
very subtle irony characteristic of him. Remember, I still was shocked that
among the portraits of recognized luminaries met and photos of young artists,
for example, Vladimir Vysotsky. But I went now in its ninth decade.
Ask: “Vovochka how you got here Vysotsky?” She explained: “the Boy
came to see me to lunch. Came to three o’clock, and left at three in the morning”. And I
I thought that really talented person perceives someone else’s talent
other laws. They had something to talk about!”

Fully memories of Nonna Golikova about Faina Ranevskaya read