Why Vladimir Friske sued Dmitry Shepelev again The birth of a granddaughter did not affect Vladimir Friske's mood in any way and he still wants to bring his former son-in-law to justice.

Why Vladimir Friske again filed a lawsuit against Dmitry Shepelev For 7 years now, a war has been going on between them, which the head of the Friske family suffers one defeat after another, but does not want to give up.

Why did Vladimir Friske again sue Dmitry Shepelev

It is clear that this time Plato's birthday pushed him to court, which, in once again passed without them. Friske demands from Shepelev the execution of the decisions of past courts, but he, as it were, ignores them. “Why did Vladimir Friske again sue Dmitry Shepelev” />

It seems that the train of the Friske family left long ago. Much has been done over the years that is difficult to forgive, so if a meeting between Plato and his relatives takes place, it will not change anything.

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