Why trump refused to pay the President

Почему Трамп отказался от зарплаты президента

In a recent interview with the new US President said he was willing to work for $1.

“What is my beauty? Yes, in that I’m very rich”, once said about himself, Donald trump. And at this point he was very honest. That is what his love and hate. Some residents of America and not organize strikes, demanding to hold a presidential election again. But the billionaire calm.

“They are protesting because they don’t know me,” said trump leading by Lesley Stahl in an interview with CNS. And after a while added that he took the post of President to make life better in the country, and the money, as such, not interested in it anymore…

“By law I have to get at least a dollar. Well, let my salary will be a dollar a year. I don’t need,” said the new President of the United States.

And he spoke about it in his campaign in September.

“I will not put in your pocket for a dollar. I refuse the presidential salary of $400 thousand!” – told the trump from the podium. And I think he kept his word.

However, Donald can afford it. According to recent reports, his fortune is estimated at $ 4 billion! And he became the second ever President of the United States, originally known as businessman (the first was Wendell Wilkie in 1940).

On account of trump’s 26 buildings and selling the most expensive house in the United States worth $ 100 million.

To the direct duties of the President Donald trump, the recall will begin in January 2017, until all the works in the White house completes the current President Barack Obama.