Why the stars choose a “strange” outerwear

Почему звезды выбирают «странную» верхнюю одежду Wearing the motley coat and a very peculiar coat, celebrities still look stylish. We tried to figure out how they do it, because the things that they choose is not suitable for everyone. And not every star person will be able to wear such garments.

    Почему звезды выбирают «странную» верхнюю одежду

    Representatives of domestic show business increasingly rely on highly distinctive garments. Different color solutions, llama fur, coat, custom tailoring or unusual print… the List is endless. Despite the extravagance chosen for our winter outfits, celebrities still look stylish. “StarHit” decided to find out how they do it.

    Alena Vodonaeva

    Bold and bright — it can be described as a popular television personality. She is not afraid to experiment, always wears unusual things. Recently a young mother was pleasantly surprised by its subscribers in Instagram new yellow coat. Think bright colors are back in winter fashion: instead of boring dark colors we see diverse and colorful. Alena, choosing flashy clothes, never wear a color under it. Only discreet black, grey, beige, white. This combination leads to the harmony of the image, which is so eager to get all of the fair sex. Vodonaeva regularly proves to be a spectacular easy.

    Ksenia Sobchak

    If in the past the preference was given to natural fur shades, now, in the 21st century, when allowed to absolutely everything, began to look closely to color the fur. Famous TV host and editor in chief of one of the glossy magazines Ksenia Sobchak chose a warm green thing and not lost.

    Free model looks very stylish, aesthetically pleasing and attractive. In it a young mother “revived”. Image complements of the so-called sun “glasses cats” with black lenses. It seems retro style is back in fashion, but only in a more expressive version.


    Slender and glamorous blonde sure knows what suits her. Choosing the outfit, the artist focuses exclusively on the characteristics of their appearance. Soft and delicate Valeriya prefers to wear fur. Every access to the beautiful top of the clothes she tries to make memorable.

    For example, a Burgundy vest is perfect for skinny leather pants. The outfit is diluted with a calm tone. In this case, grey and pink. The way Valerie is working the rule of three colors. More is known to wear is not necessary, otherwise there is a risk to transform from a stylish lady in a girl with no taste.

    Svetlana Loboda

    If earlier the celebrities often wore fur coats to keep warm, but now it’s not necessary. They came to the aid of the warm parkas. Long hooded jacket was originally made of skins with the fur outside and put on the special dress of the peoples of Khanty and Mansi malitsa. Now they are worn on top of sweaters, sweatshirts and turtlenecks. Svetlana Loboda chose a dark natural fur Lama. The thing relished the stylish actress. Of course! Dark and light – a classic combination that is absolutely everything. And universal things, as we know, is always popular. They delight their owners for years.

    Olga Buzova

    Well-known TV – fan not only warm but also stylish clothes. She liked the gray jacket, which is decorated with the fur of a llama (it’s definitely a trend of winter 2016-2017). First, the exotic fur of the animal is “not capricious” cleaning. To care for him at home. All you need is a regular brush. Second, it does not deteriorate from the snow. Such conditions are a good influence on him – fur twisted into small spirals and looks prettier than sheepskin. And the last point – it does not cause allergies. Olga admitted, this thing was a perfect fit under all the criteria she puts forward when choosing clothes. Everything exactly as she wanted. Despite the fact that it is neutral in color, leading feels it perfectly. Because, as you know, the clothes do not make the man, and he her. In the case of our heroine we are seeing absolute harmony.

    Victoria Dayneko

    Motley coat and black things subdued shades under outerwear – the key to a successful outfit. Cheryl Cole knows that, so no false modesty in attending such events.

    If you want to stand out, it is not necessary to wear everything at once. Focus on one thing. Victoria, for example, decided that the main thing for her is coat. Therefore, other elements like shade it. Solid bag not only adds character but also makes him calmer. If you follow all these rules, you’ll be able to wear bright things and not be afraid that you look askance.