Why the movie “Earthquake” yet the lists of candidates for “Oscar”

Почему фильма «Землетрясение» пока нет в списках кандидатов на «Оскар»
Ruben Dishdishyan commented on a scandalous situation.

The national film Academy of Armenia received from
American Academy claims about the nomination of the film “Earthquake”
By Sarik Andreasyan.

The essence of the claims was to ensure that creative
the team of the film is too much Russian, and insufficient for the nomination on “Oscar”

The film’s Ruben dishdishian, Aram Movsesian,
The Sarik and Ghevond Andreasyan; actors — Victor Stepanyan, Hrant tokhatyan, Mikael Poghosyan;
composer Hayk Hakobyan did not agree with these claims. As well, and
National cinema center of Armenia and the Ministry of culture of Armenia, with the support of
which the appeal was sent to the Academy and attached documents,
confirming that the film was made in co-production with Russia (with the support
the Russian Cinema Fund and the Armenian National Cinema center) and the balance
creative control in the production was observed.

The documents were sent on Monday morning, but
the fact that it was a public holiday in USA day, the appeal was not properly
duly registered, and on Tuesday went to the press the list of candidates
taking into account the situation with the “Earthquake”.

“At the moment, the Academy confirmed that
documents from the Armenian side received, and we hope to include in
the list of candidates, says Ruben Dishdishyan. — I would not like to think of it
a political decision on the part of the Academy. Enough to see the credits of the film
“Earthquake” to ensure that 90% of it is made by Armenians. Armenians
from Armenia, France and Russia.”