Why the daughter of Spartaka Mishulina doesn’t believe in DNA?

Почему дочь Спартака Мишулина не верит в результаты анализа ДНК?
Karina Mishulina still doubts that Timur Eremeev is her brother.

Почему дочь Спартака Мишулина не верит в результаты анализа ДНК?

Karina Mishulina

Photo: Mr Abeltsev

Understand that over time, getting more and more like dad. Looking at the pictures where he is young — it seems like a mirror look

Photo: L. Svetlova/archive T. Eremeeva

Yesterday on the First channel was published the results of a DNA test, which gave Karina Mishulina and Timur Eremeev. It turned out that both with a probability of 99.9% are natural children of known actor Spartaka Mishulina.

Timur sighed with relief, though he didn’t doubt positive result. But Karina has behaved quite unexpectedly. She never went in the Studio to the hotel and got dressed and started to leave. The show’s host, Dmitry Borisov “caught” it literally двtрях.

“I don’t want to spoil the party”, she explained their flight.

However, Borisov was able to talk to upset Karina. She stated that she still does not believe that Timur is her brother. The fact that this analysis was performed on the biological traces in the original suit Spartaka Mishulina. And their comparison with the DNA of Tamerlane, it became clear that he was his son. Only there is one small caveat: the father and the son are not the same data on the Y-chromosome, which, according to Karina, is very important.

Experts promised to give the explanation of this fact in the near future.

By the way, Karina was sure his loss is still to air with the DNA results. She wrote in social networks soulful a text in which he lamented the injustice of modern life.

“It is terrible to live in this world… a world where everything is bought and sold! — she wrote. — Where are you, knowing the truth and having all the evidence can lose, only because there is no money or connections, where meanness is presented as generosity, honesty and sincerity, even if it sometimes someone does not like it, trampled and destroyed, supported by an evil mockery and derogatory words. A world where victims believe those who walking on the corpses gets her way,those people beautiful smiles, and actually does terrible. A world where the dead compassion and humanity! There is no place where honesty and goodness. All became very great, and no one cares about someone else’s misfortune. People turned into evil little educated mass where need spectacles blood. Where there is no conscience, and Holiness. Where bigamy,adultery, rejection of a child is considered normal and respectable, a loving family is beyond the scope and is destroyed by jealousy and anger. Where we’re going, my dear people? We pass by fallen man,we rejoice in the suffering of others, we don’t want to help each other, to respect and listen to. We are able to stomp the living and the dead people who, perhaps, worthy of us! We encourage all these shows and the media that is looking to read… Maybe we should go back to the classics and begin to read it? Maybe you will become kinder? It is clear that I will be dedicating my situation.. I Want to howl and shout from the fact that there are no laws, justice, truth, people will do anything for their goals and spit on the law because they know that they will it all remain unpunished! It was terrible to follow the story of Alyosha Shimko (“drunk boy”) afraid to look at his family. Losing a child six months they still had something to prove and to deal with the crowd… and Now we are in a similar situation, scared to look at her older, innocent mother who cries every night, which just makes themselves to live, which turns into a drooping, sick woman, when you have all the evidence right, but don’t have money and “back”. Yes, we have turned away from many “friends”, which cost nothing to help. After all, they do know the truth. Friends who at one time so much kindness and care given the person who needs help now. But, alas, they called it a mud… Well, we can do it! I still somehow believe that the truth must win. And let us alone, but we go to the end, because for us the truth and love! Huge, strong and real! To him! To our native man no one to protect except us. And we’ll do it! Just scared that the world is upside down. There are no more values. Faced with this disaster, I began to look differently at everything. I began to listen to other people’s problems and troubles. Maybe we all together will try to become kinder and more attentive? Maybe even so we can return to our children all that we lost… And maybe they will be cleaner and better! And again, true friendship, love, family values, conscience and honor! Even if there is no will the laws, but we will be able to fill this world with kindness and justice!”