Why “the bachelor” Ilya Glinnikov chose Catherine Nikulin

Почему «холостяк» Илья Глинников выбрал Екатерину Никулину After once Dating the actor was named the winner of the beautiful blonde. Despite the fact that Madina Tomova was a strong competitor, winning the Catherine some fans predicted with the first release. Recently, Ilya admitted that the love with his beloved.
Почему «холостяк» Илья Глинников выбрал Екатерину Никулину

The way Ekaterina Nikulina on the project can not be called simple, because the girl could not find a common language with participants, and with the “bachelor,” she has argued. However, fans of the show relied on the striking blonde with the first release. The fact that the future winner has been able to impress the actor with his extravagant appearance. For the first meeting, she chose a blue dress, studded with sequins and preferred bright makeup.

“The evening ceases to be languid” Ilya said, the first time he saw Kate.

“Elijah is just like me,” said the glamorous participant.

That’s only treasured a rose the girl had to wait a long time. In the first issue it was called the third from the end. However, on the first date alone Catherine showed her bright charisma. Glinnikov repeatedly recognized that burns to the blonde real passion.

“When we went ashore, I couldn’t move away from her. I was literally magnetico”, – confessed the actor in the fifth edition of the show.

Here are other participants perceived Nikulin in arms, apparently feeling it a serious competitor. The girls said that Catherine always looks arrogant, behaving aloof and cold.

Closer to the middle of the season no doubt: extravagant blonde will reach the finals. Ilya couldn’t resist her, repeatedly calling the girl a witch. According to the actor, the future winner, he was literally fascinated by, and to resist that he could not. After the scandalous departure of Darya Lukinoj, the girl literally left her rivals.

“This rose a long time ago your just now the rules of our show is not allowed to hand them directly to date”, – said the actor at a recent “ceremony.”
Почему «холостяк» Илья Глинников выбрал Екатерину Никулину

Best friend of the elect, Alexander Ilyin, the participant also made a strong impression. “Katya is a real witch,” said the performer of the role Lobanov in the acclaimed TV series “Interns”.

The girl managed to conquer Ilya their education, mystery and ability in any situation to show your passion. Together they were water-skiing, dancing and horseback riding. During familiarization with the relatives of “the bachelor,” Catherine once again showed its character. She openly stated that anyone wouldn’t trade an actor, offended because of the fact that he doubted her sincerity. In the end, native Glinnikov was fascinated by the truck, but did not make sudden conclusions about her.

“Can I trust Kate, only time will tell,” said the grandmother of Elijah.

After the show left Lesya Ryabtseva, femme blonde decided to go for broke. During the last visits she stayed with Ilya alone in the bedroom. This gesture finally convinced Glinnikov that he can’t go against my heart.

“Kate, the fire, and I have it all melts,” admitted “the bachelor” at the end of the show.

“Do I regret what happened between us? Absolutely not,” said the winner.

Apparently the winner won an enviable groom his frankness and mystery. The lovers repeatedly argued, and the few times Kate was even on the verge of departure. But in the end the predictions of fans, the transfer was justified, and it is with Nikulina famous actor now plans to connect his life.