Why should a woman be restless and legs of Evelina

Почему женщина должна быть неспокойна и ножки Эвелины Even married, all men from puberty to gray-haired long-residents, perfect legs leading “Fashion sentence” Evelina khromtchenko literally enter into a stupor. And if they were lucky to see a taste-maker at the presentation of her new capsule collection of shoes and accessories, released together with “Econika”, the enthusiasm has no limits.

    Почему женщина должна быть неспокойна и ножки Эвелины

    He read on the Internet comments of the representatives of the stronger sex. And no matter that her dazzling slender legs, pumps, ballet flats, espadrilles or sneakers, see photos of new products, unable to look away. Clever and beautiful Evelyn, even developed their own print on which the picture of an open book.

    Another clever – the General producer of the channel “Match TV” Tina Kandelaki decided your beauty gift at pictures on Instagram doesn’t drain and has become the face of a new cosmetic line for skin care face and body Ansaligy developed by Linda and Guseva Anastasiya Savchenkova. Especially appreciated Tina Jorjadze cleanser which uses after a hard day, and said: “Yes, I work a lot, the woman should be troubled. She needs to be in demand, busy, something to not make it”. But, it seems that neither Tina, nor the last, Evelina does not apply. They rush forward, run and win. Especially on those legs.

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