Почему Сергей Сафронов не верит экстрасенсам?
The illusionist has revealed all the secrets of show business.

Sergey Safronov

As you know, illusionist Sergey Safronov worked for a long time leading in the show “Battle of psychics.” However, the ability of its participants, he believes. And here’s why.

“That even now, many who consider themselves magicians, write that I will have a son. But we all know that daughter. How then to treat them?! I have no right to feel the belief in black or white magic, otherwise it will work. And if you start to believe it, “the Battle of psychics” will Vera Sotnikova, and not Sergei Safronov. I’m all the time crying, fear, worry… And should be objective, to keep cool. The hand is not caught, but I don’t think these people can see the dead. If I see a dead person, I have two ways — either in Kashchenko, or Vagankovskoye. And here are such a delight to talk about the spirits of Lenin, Mayakovsky and other demons!” — said Safronov.

In General, show business is terrible, — says Sergey.

“Artist in demand today and tomorrow about
it all can forget. With great pain, see the program “How to care
idols”. Or this was the release show of “Hello, Andrew!”, where invited
popular in the 1990s artists. I saw their faces, their eyes, saw how they
live, and I was very sad. Because the people who previously collected
stadiums, now or thumps (that is noticeable) and fall, or pretend
I live in abundance, although it is easy to guess: they are removed not home
in country villas, and in the furniture shops or rented studios,” he says.

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