Почему Сара Джессика Паркер и Том Круз не пользуются мобильными телефонами

Почему Сара Джессика Паркер и Том Круз не пользуются мобильными телефонами

It is very hard to imagine how modern society can not do without such means of communication as the telephone. However, some celebrities manage to stay out of reach. For example, Tom cruise, Sarah Jessica Parker and Elton John have decided I will never use this gadget.

In November 2019 Robbie Williams disappointed his fans who wanted to ask his phone number. The musician threw the gadget back in 2006, stating that he does not like. However, Robbie is in all social networks. The celebrity explained that exclusively uses a computer and that is very rare, and all pages in social networks belong to his assistants. The singer is sure that if he began to write their thoughts on their own, then soon the world would hate him.

English musician Elton John also refused the gadget, moreover, he is very annoyed by the fact that the phones are now inserted into the camcorder. According to Elton, he used to be able to do in public whatever he wanted to, he capered and laughed, no evidence of insanity remained. At the moment, any publication becomes a forced photo shoot. So for the phones he is forced to stop acting the way he is comfortable. Elton John is also not suitable to computers, all the necessary information in the network for him looking young husband.

By the way, the rejection of gadgets has nothing to do with age celebrities. For example 28-year-old ed Sheeran also had no phone at the moment when I realized that looking at the world through the screen of the phone, not with my own eyes.

In the American film industry’s most ardent opponent of the gadgets is Quentin Tarantino. Contact the man is simply impossible, it only takes calls on home phone, Fax, and standard mail. Moreover, it set to use mobile also prohibited the actors all put their phones in a special box. But if someone wants to deceive a Director, he faces dismissal.

Once Jennifer aniston admitted that he had never used a telephone, and that in the case of mortal danger, she doesn’t know how to use it. But this issue, the actress decided very quickly and insanely addicted to the gadget. It all came down to the fact that Jennifer had to be treated for addiction, she went on vacation to the Islands and stayed there under the care of the best psychologists. After aniston took the phone, she felt a great relief, a surge of energy and realized how much time she was spending in vain. Now she uses the gadget exclusively for communication with relatives.

Почему Сара Джессика Паркер и Том Круз не пользуются мобильными телефонами

Tom cruise at all costs without a huge number of useful things. He has no phone, computer, watches and even the wallet. All of these things he calls “extra stuff”. You can contact him through his assistants, which are equipped with all necessary gadgets. Previously it was rumored that such strange behavior of the star related to his fascination with Scientology. However, after he singled out one huge room in his mansion under a high-tech flight simulator, all the myths were dispelled. Incidentally, as a gift, a tablet or a laptop That no time was given to close people.

But Sarah Jessica Parker the happy owner of three phones. But don’t think to contact the actress directly never. Her phone accept only e-mail, according to the actress, she is so convenient to respond to people when I can, but not right this second.

You ask why did she then have three phones? The answer is very simple — Sarah is a regular stylish accessory. Moreover, she has a company that manufactures cases for various brands of mobile phones. The actress believes that fashion and technology go hand in hand.

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