Why Prince William not wearing a wedding ring

Почему принц Уильям не носит обручальное кольцо

Representatives of the Royal couple explained why Prince William refused the decoration on the ring finger.

Recently Prince William and Kate Middleton rarely appear together, and it certainly spawned a lot of rumors. Some claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a big fight, and others do announced their imminent divorce.

But no. William and Kate still love each other. And the refusal of the Prince to wear a wedding ring has an explanation…

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It turns out that traditionally the British Royal family Prince must appear in public without a wedding ring. Of course, the rule can be broken, but William decided that this was not necessary. Besides, say those close to him sources, he does not like jewelry. And Kate in this he was supported.

“Prince William is not a fan of jewelry, that’s all. He had discussed the issue with Kate, and she certainly was not against” – said the insiders to journalists.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton is almost never removes her engagement ring given to her by Prince William in the fall of 2010. However, it is not surprising. Decoration sapphire Garrard not only beautiful, but also is a family value, previously worn by Princess Diana. Say she chose him in the prospectus, and at that time its price was $60 thousand Moreover, Lady Di loved this ring, that did not remove it even after her divorce from Prince Charles.

Not so long ago, we will remind, it became known about the third pregnancy of Kate Middleton: she’ll give Prince William a daughter who is likely to be called Diana. Read more HERE.

Kate and William already has two children – three-year-old son George Alexander Louis-year-old daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.