Why Marilyn Kerro disliked the “Battle of psychics”

Почему Мэрилин Керро невзлюбили на «Битве экстрасенсов» The girl became a member of “the battle of psychics” for the third time. Many fans were pleased with her next return. However, not all responded positively to the arrival of Estonian witches. Some participants of the season and viewers are skeptical towards the clairvoyant.

      Despite its past accomplishments and successes in previous editions of “Battle of psychics” Marilyn Kerro has developed a controversial reputation. Dedicated fans continue to support her, but not everyone is happy with the participation of witches in the program again. The first wave of discontent came after the Kerro showed up in the third week of the screening tests, which greatly surprised symoney team. The producers of the shows were somewhat shocked by the return of a clairvoyant, because it is not thought to have a witch in the new season.

      However, it was decided to give Marilyn an opportunity the third time to compete for the Crystal hand. The producer of “Battle” commented the situation as follows: “the Decision Marilyn to participate in the “Battle of the psychics” for the third time was a complete surprise to us, because we, like many viewers, thought she was joking, saying that he would return again. Of course, we couldn’t forbid her to participate, the more it insisted on the passage of the casting and the selection test, which has every right as any man”.

      Why Marilyn Kerro returned in the “Battle of psychics”

      In the 16th season of kerro really gave a promise popit luck one more time. Probably for this reason, it provoked negative responses. Viewers believed that it will Wake up common sense and it will stop trying to go further. But, appearing while recording a screen test, Marilyn responded negatively to the question Safronov, on their relations with Alexander Sheps. Then she said that she hated all the people around her are associated with it, and not as an independent witch. She told me that has long been held as a psychic and want to prove it to everyone.

      Irritable and somewhat arrogant behavior witch caused a heated discussion. Netizens did not appreciate the girl, writing that she proved to be not in the best light. According to them, her gaze became more harsh and even aggressive.

      “Of course she’s a girl capable and beautiful, well, too familiar on the screen. So there is nothing to do for the third time, she took part, let others make!”, “I extremely negatively reacted to her appearance for the third time. Although admired her, and I like it”, “it is Possible that she decided that, as the English say “Third time’s the charm”, but this seems excessive. So it shows that it is not self-sufficient and conceited” – outraged netizens.

      Viewers are sure that Marilyn did not know what to do with myself, just be a winner. Many have a clear position on what she is unpleasant, Sheps walked around it in the 14th season and she wants to recapture the title. Negative comments began to flow to Kerro more due to the fact that at the time of coming in 17-th “the Battle,” she said about the severance of his relations with the famous magician. This left the fans in shock, and their opinion has changed dramatically. Immediately began to circulate rumors that the breakup was the fact that the girl began to behave much more aggressive and bolder than before. Someone even stated that I did not know that Mary that the audience remembered a year ago.

      Close Marilyn Kerro worried for her psychological state

      One of the participants of the season, Nadezhda Shevchenko, at the first stage without hesitation expressed the opinion that the victory of the Estonian did not award so she can come to the program “until retirement”. In this it was supported by some of the subscribers, convinced that today there are more interesting candidates.

      Everything else, the fans of Marilyn by and large discouraged from participating because they understand how stressful it may be for her to turn around. But she didn’t listen to anyone’s advice. It should be recalled that the medium did not even anyone to notify. Its participation in the 17th “Battle” she took alone, even Alexander Sheps didn’t know about it. Although this did not prevent the followers to assume that the way Marilyn describes themselves and their activities. For some, it has become memorized a PR move.

      With the first series the other contestants prinebrezhitelno belonged to the parish of witches. When the jury made the decision a long time he could not decide to award Kerro white envelope, after all, so they would put the rest of pretendentov for the title of best in an awkward position making them think that they are betting on her past achievements. And when all the white envelope was a picture of Mary and some psychics did not try to hide his anger.

      Marilyn Kerro: “I Have only one rival”

      “Marilyn as if begging for the hand, like a naughty girl. Sasha has and I also need it. Something like that!”, “It is sad, but in this season it is unlikely to be 1st or even 2nd. I think nothing came, two or three years lost!”, “We need to accept the fact that you got second place and proud to accept it!” – written by viewers in social networks.

      Despite the fact that Mary thrives on competition, Network users Express the strongest doubt that she will be able to beat one of their contenders. The Internet even began to joke about the statement of Mary that she did not come to win. This angered the fans of the program. After all, for what other purpose, according to them, had to return Estonian. There were those who were accused of excessive pathos in the words and “arrogant” desire to present themselves in the best light. Anyway, “battle of the psychics” continues, and Marilyn Kerro surely making its way to the victory no matter what the opinion of her had detractors.