Почему Линдси Лохан не хотят пиарить?

Lindsay Lohan is known as a controversial person. At the moment it is in their own business and rarely appears on the big screens. The popular star has fallen considerably, but who’s to blame? Perhaps all because of the inability of Lindsey to hire a good public relations managers, and, perhaps, the actress is just too fond of alcohol.

Почему Линдси Лохан не хотят пиарить?

In 2016, PR Manager hunter Frederick expressed a desire not to work with Lindsay, and then told Page Six the reason for the decision. Turns out he just doesn’t know how to make the artist more popular! He also hinted at excessive love of the star to alcohol. Hunter later wrote on twitter: “no One knows what will come to mind Lindsay next time. Today she is in good spirits and wants to get on with my life, and tomorrow you don’t know what to do, so she was happy.”

The new PR-Manager of stars again, not coped with the task! The representative put in a special PR group on Facebook request. He not only helped bring back the popularity of Lohan, but provoked even more negative towards the artist. Advertisers decided to share embarrassing stories that are associated with the promotion of a celebrity. “”Her people” once approached me and said she will make a paparazzi photo on the background of the cabin, which I was back then, just like that. Although she was still on the level they could ask for payment”.

“I once met with “her people” and they hinted that she likes gifts. Childish”.

Recall, Lohan is currently working on his business. Until that time, she did not disclose details. Now, the actress said that it plans not one small project. The actress wants to create “the island of Lohan” in the Persian Gulf near Dubai. For example Donald trump she wants to build an Empire, calling it by its name.

“I love the life in new York, but I like peace of mind, which find in the middle East. In Dubai they don’t watch me camera, so I can focus on myself,” previously told Lindsay about life in Dubai.

No problem to go to Dubai Lohan has failed. Foreign media reported that behind the actress left debts to the United States. The amount accumulated is not small, or rather more than 100 thousand dollars. Lindsay hasn’t paid his bills for three years — 2010, 2014 and 2015, which the gave out fine with not a small amount. She Lohan does not call their actions as the escape and blames it all on his Manager. According to the actress, she did not know about the accumulated debt, and her Manager they did not understand.

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