Why Kurt Russell and Goldie hawn still not married?

Почему Курт Рассел и Голди Хоун до сих пор не женаты?

Почему Курт Рассел и Голди Хоун до сих пор не женаты?

Fate brings them repeatedly, but to understand that they were made for each other it took them 12 long years. Actors Goldie hawn and Kurt Russell one of the strongest couples in Hollywood! But why is this couple still have not legalized their relationship?
He became interested in her when he was 16 and she was 21. The couple met on the set of “the One and only family band”, but then already married and the older Goldie even notice could not young Kurt, and in the long 12 years, hawn and Russell have forgotten about each other. However, the fate of no escape!
In 1984, samples of the film “Shift change”, Goldie was already approved for the lead role, but Russell only came to casting, he is not eager to star in the films, but when found out that seductive blonde is approved – I decided to try. The audition was a success and they waited a long shooting period, which they spent together. At that time they were both burnt by a previous relationship. Behind Kurt married actress Season Gable, which the man had son Boston. And 2 a previous marriage Goldie failed miserably. The first husband of the actress left her and sued her 75 thousand dollars, the second – bill Hudson also gave up and lopped off a tidy sum and an estate in Malibu. Mother with her two children Oliver and Kate was left alone on the street. After this she did not expect that there will be trust men and love.

Почему Курт Рассел и Голди Хоун до сих пор не женаты?
Russell first went on the offensive, who liked it 12 years ago. The actor was invited to rehearse the dance, they say for one of the scenes I have to! Goldie agreed, and having come to the club they talked until morning and never parted never! And soon appeared in a film the scene with the dance of two lovers!
Their relationship developed quickly, they seemed made for each other! Although to understand that they needed the bitter experience of a previous relationship. Goldie immediately became friends with the son of the loved one, and Kurt was for the children of the actress’s real father, whom they still love and call “daddy”. But for Hollywood, their relationship was a secret for several more years until he starred in the film “overboard”, where he played a loving couple, that’s when they found out.

Почему Курт Рассел и Голди Хоун до сих пор не женаты?
They became one of the most prominent couples in Hollywood, and all are enthusiastically waiting for the wedding! However, it was never played!
These two have been together for 36 years, Goldie has admitted that the relationship is hard work, and in order to save them you have to give up some principles. In addition to children from previous marriages, the couple has a common son, Wyatt. The actress admits that the secret to their marriage is not a stamp in the passport, and the love,passion and compassion!

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